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May 7, 2007

Bored on a Monday morning?

…take the Knitgrrl blog reader survey! Each year BlogAds runs this survey with its member blogs (BlogAds administers the small ads you see on the right sidebar). I’ve known Henry, BlogAds’ founder, for quite a while and this survey is a very good thing because it helps them — and by extension, me — reach advertisers more efficiently and in a way that gives credit to the amazing world of blogs and their readers. He’s done a lot when it comes to giving blogs a new level of respectability as a media source. Of course, you know that already.

If you’ve been to a Yarn Harlot reading lately, you’ve heard her statistics on knitting blogs and BlogLines. Knitters took to blogs like — oh, a sale on Koigu — very early on. I think it’s because we like to talk about knitting a lot, but don’t want to bore the daylights out of our significant others and coworkers. Would they really “get” the tragedy of the Socks That Rock, But Bank That Didn’t Incident? Would they help you track down just one more ball of dyelot X to finish the project you’ve been working on for a year? No. But fellow knitbloggers do, and would.

So, if you have a second to spare on this lovely morning, please take the survey. I’m heading up a new hive of yarn-related blogs on BlogAds and it would really, really help to have more knitters’ opinions in the mix. Even if you only have time to do a page or two of the survey, it will help, so don’t be shy, and thanks!

p.s. Almost forgot one more reason you should take the survey! Each year the results skew heavily male (80/20, 75/25, etc). Since the majority of my readers are women, maybe we can help close that gap a little…

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