August 13, 2010

Fall collection + books + busy

The Fresh Designs books are coming along really nicely — one designer’s even finished her project already and it’s on its way to us. Last week, before we went to the zoo as a reward for much hard work this month, we met up with the photographer who will be taking the pictures for the books. He’s very good at the precise look I want for these photos, and I think it’s going to be a great partnership across the board.
Meanwhile, I’ve got my own design work to do, too! Some of the knitting is going out to sample knitters and some of it is being done here. Sarah Jo’s been working on one of the socks and Abra just started one of the scarves, which is in the sqooshiest, tastiest yarn you’ve ever seen (Alchemy Temple). It’s a simple design, but that’s good, because it’s really showing off the yarn.
Here is a unintentionally blurry photo of the socks Sarah Jo is knitting. Sorry, no time to take another one, we don’t mean to tease you too terribly. (Although, you really should stock up on Shibui Knits Sock in Honey and Wasabi. Mmm, honey and wasabi. That would be a good snack flavor, if you ask me).

One of the other yarns we’re using in the fall/winter collection is Berroco Remix. Calling all people with wool allergies — this stuff is fantastic! It’s got a very “dry” feel to it, and it seems to be fairly sturdy, because I’ve been using a swatch of it as a drink coaster on my office desk for the past month with no ill effects. It might seem to be more ‘summery’ in terms of fiber content but I really think it’s a good 4-season yarn. I could see wearing the sweater we’re making with it over a nice ribby wool turtleneck in the winter, with jeans.
If you follow me on Twitter, you might have caught me talking about us huffing yarn the other day — that was the Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed. Oh, is it dreamy. I like yarn that smells properly sheepy, it’s the spinner in me. Also supremely dreamy? The two colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock yarn we’re combining. I am jumping up and down with glee at those, actually. And the Malabrigo sock yarn + Buffalo Gold buffalo yarn going into shawls? Droolworthy.
I haven’t even told you about my FAVORITE pattern thus far. It’ll just have to be a secret for now. Shhh!

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  • Wendy

    I’m currently using a viscose/linen blend from Classic Elite as my swatch-coaster. I would say it holds up and isn’t as sticky as, say wool, when I place my sweaty gin and tonic on it.

    Reply to Wendy
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