August 4, 2010

Bursting at the seams with excitement!

I have two things to knit on deadline, two exciting blog book tour stops (Knitty today, Stefanie Japel tomorrow) and two new books to announce.
Wow, things are really coming in twos, aren’t they? Well, except for the magazine column I need to write — more on that closer to publication — and the conference call I have this afternoon.
(Also, if you missed it, hop over to Vickie Howell’s blog for her recent Knitgrrl Guide tour stop and a book giveaway).
Oh! another twosie — Margarete Dolff of MAZ Wolldesign sent me two skeins of her gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn as packing material of all things! She had very kindly bid on a book at eBay Deutschland for me since the seller refused to ship to the US, as did the Amazon sellers who had used copies, and to cushion it on its trip across the sea, one skein on either side did the trick nicely. She knows me too too well — they’re both green!
Abra and Sarah Jo are only here interning until the end of the month, sadly. The “girl with the dragon toe(-along)” KAL for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo + our pattern Karira is underway, and they’ve been a big help with it — I gave Abra some Malabrigo Sock from my stash in a blue-green colorway and it is knitting up gorgeously! Come join now and you’ll be ready to go when the next two socks/book discussions go up in the group.
I’ve heard there are a few spots left at Felt School still. Added bonus: you can learn how to defend yourself during the coming zombie apocalypse.*
* last year, some of the ladies at Felt School got more than a little disturbed by the younger crowd’s gleeful discussion (during dinner, no less) of how they would survive the zombiepacalypse when it comes. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. Best to be prepared, no?

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  • sillylittlelady

    Zombie Apocalypse Survival is definitely something that my friends and I talk about on a regular basis – where we’d hole up, what kinds of weapons we would have on hand, where we would try to travel to, etc.
    Big BIG topic of ours 🙂

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