Cat sweater + meme = blog post

“Oh sure, it’s cool Mama knits, ’cause there’s all this yarn around the house, but man… why me?”

Actually, I didn’t knit that, it’s a teddy bear sweater from the craft store. I couldn’t resist putting it on him. He looks very distinguished, and fisherman-y. And grouchy. We took it off right after the photo.

Swiped from Kim, it’s 2006 month by month. Copy the first sentence that you posted in each month of 2006. The problem with some of my posts is that the lead-in is in the title, but you’re clever, you can figure it out:

…all projects for the spinning book have now officially left the nest, to be nurtured by Interweave Press into fabulous book format!

My friend Xan and I designed a wedding dress with built-in iPod (controlled by touch-sensitive fabric buttons in the sleeve) for Seamless, a “computational couture” show this week at the Museum of Science in Boston.

As spotted on Flickr, via my Squidoo lens on handspinning: a yarn named Violet Beauregarde by tooknap press.

Marnie notes that our Knitty Gritty episode is now listed on the DIY site

“Knitting for Pleasure,” from Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar.

This is Giles…

At last! Air dates for Uncommon Threads!

My Secret Pal has done it again!

Happy fourth birthday, Knitty!

My second-favorite four-letter-word right now, after ‘yarn.’

Greetings from Kansas City, which is sunny and dry and beautiful — a marked contrast to the drizzly hair nightmare weather I left behind in Cleveland.

…is that you see all these bee-yooooo-tiful projects by other people, and then you want to make your own.

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  1. I am surprised that you were able to get the sweater on your kitty with out ended up with several scratches. I know that my cat will not allow me to do that to her. It is beneath her. But the sweater looks cute!!!!

  2. I showed my husband the picture, his words were, “Oh God, please don’t tell me thats our cat.” We have put sweaters on our cats and theyh seam to act as imoblizers. Good to take them to the vet in.

  3. I’d call that pic “Trim re-incarnated”

    You may not be familiar with explorer Matthew Flinders, but he is a bit a hero in Australia (he was the first to regularly call it that) but he spent a lot of time sailing round discovering places in his boat “Tom Thumb” – his cat “Trim” accompanied him on lots of voyages, and seeing a cat in a fisherman’s gansey makes me think of a ratter at sea. There are lots of books and biographies about “Trim” here in Australia, and if you are interested you can probably find something on Amazon 🙂


  4. What a fun photo of your kitty! We have a black cat named Pumpkin (don’t ask- my little kids named her years ago!!!) and there is no way she would allow us to dress her! Just got a couple of your books from our little local library! Such fun to read.

    I’ve been knitting since I was 7 years old and I am not 48 and really into the charity knitting now. Wish my teenaged girls wanted to learn, but they just are not into it at all.

    Anyhow, great job on the blog, the books and on dressing that kitty!!


  5. i put a turtleneck dogsweater on pavel when he was wee and he went apeshit crazy running backwards, etc, etc, and jake was all…take it off! take it off! like i poured acid on the kitten or something. needless to say, we don’t dress him up anymore. he looked so preppy though. like the harvard pep squad of 1955.

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