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November 2, 2005

Can I borrow your Knits?

Does anyone have a copy of the fall 1997 Interweave Knits I can borrow? It looks like this.

I’ll pay for postage both ways, include yarn-y surprises and you will have such good knitting karma, you will never need to rip out a single row of knitting in 2006. It’s true, you know. The knitting fairies will even pick up your dropped stitches at night while you sleep…

(What? you don’t believe me?)

update: My fairy knitmother Jillian came through, as she always does. I love you, Jillian! Thanks to everyone who volunteered. And for future reference, if you’re ever looking for old issues of FiberArts, mail me. I scored years and years’ worth at a show last year, along with some other Knits, etc. You never know what I might have that’s good. If I get really organized, maybe I’ll post a list. A virtual Knitgrrl guild lending library!

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