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November 7, 2005


Tension: three kinds. I’m knitting a hat out of seriously energized singles. Not energized singles so much as “nuclear power plant singles,” and so I have to maintain the yarn under tension with my hand as I knit to keep it from plying against itself all over the place. This makes my hand ache after a while, of course. But yesterday, I found the perfect solution…a massage.

If there was one piece of advice I had to pass on this year, it’s “make friends with recent graduates.” Mom’s friend just got out of massage school, so we hired her to come to the house and give each of us an hour-long massage last night. My “knitting muscles” (namely my arms and neck/shoulders) feel much better!

Also, I’ve hired an intern. She’s just out of fashion school, totally on the ball, and giving me much hope in terms of getting more work done during the holiday season. She doesn’t knit…yet…but will no doubt learn soon!

Hiring her has released some of the mental tension I had built up about getting things done. Voila! All the tension in my life is now under at least a little more control.

In other news: Jillian the Spindlewarrior! My kind of superhero…

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