November 11, 2010

Blog tour: Modern Top Down Knitting

Today I’m excited to be the opening stop on the blog tour for Kristy McGowan‘s Modern Top Down Knitting. Miriam and I both got copies of this at Rhinebeck, and it is SPECTACULAR…the kind of book where you immediately cry because you know you don’t have enough time to knit all the things from it that you might want to knit!
Here are some interior shots so you can sob for yourself (well, unless you have more time available for knitting than I do). I am a huge fan of the dresses in this book…anyone feel like knitting one for me? There’s a timeless aspect to them that I adore, it reminds me of my favorite vintage 1940s dress which always looks good, no matter where or when you wear it.
I had the chance to meet Kristy at Rhinebeck, where she reminded me that we’d met ages ago at Suss Cousins’ NYC yarn store, and I followed up my devouring the book with a few questions for the tour… keep reading all the way through, there’s a contest at the end! And check in at the STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books blog for other blog tour dates…
What was the general concept behind the book and why were you inspired to create it?
Though it sounds somewhat simple, I really just wanted to share my design ideas and create a collection of items that I made myself. I dreamed about writing a knitting book since I was 15.
What’s your favorite piece in the book and why?
The Pavement Jacket was the first top-down piece that I ever made and the process of creating it was especially interesting and joyful.
How amazing was it to hang out with Barbara Walker in person? Come on, spill. What’s she like?
I was pretty hopped up and happy that day. It was the kind of trip where you dopily smile at everyone en route because the whole thing is an adventure. I realized only at the end of the day that I had put on two different earrings — completely distracted and preoccupied as I was. I have often thought of and love the relationship readers can have with books, how reading can often feel otherworldly — and how perfect it is when you’re really able to float away off into another place for a while. The experience seems especially personal with craft books, and when you have a voice as strong as Barbara’s encouraging you along the way and teaching you amazing things, the pay off feels that much greater.
I imagine like many knitters, I felt very connected to her and grateful for her brain and sense of curiosity. She’s encouraging and very modest and soft spoken and her face gets beet red when you joke with her and ask if she realizes how great she is. She’s meticulously organized — everything is perfectly in its place — and every spot in the house displays elements of her creative journeys. In the living room is a painting that she did that came out of her work on developing a tarot card deck — it depicts a regal-looking woman with long hair and a lion by her side and incredible glass cases filled with rocks line the walls of that same room and showcase her extensive collection. It was almost too much for me to take in or absorb fully until later. She’ll casually explain that although she had never painted before, she ended up painting an entirely new tarot card deck and writing an accompanying book on how to use them.
The same was true for her knitting — she didn’t teach herself how until she was 36 and then look what happened. I was 37 at the time she told me this, and so it all really resonated. I found her stories incredibly uplifting and they really renewed my faith in the benefits of taking less traveled paths.
What tips and tricks do you like to use to alter or more accurately fit top-down patterns to your personal shape?
I think being really aware of your own body’s measurements and knowing how to decrease and increase between any given point A and point B is the most helpful way to ensure a good fit. On page 12 in Knitting from the Top, there’s a section titled “How to Calculate Shaping in Four Simple Steps” — which has been repeated in other books. That section has been immensely useful to me — that short paragraph is the basis for anything you’d need to know. There’s also a great section on how to achieve all sorts of different necklines on pages 76/77.
What’s on your needles right now?
I’m working on a few new designs and have been experimenting these past few days with Jared Flood’s Shelter yarn. I bought a huge amount of it in a rich purple color called Thistle. [ed. note: Aaaagh! that’s the next color I’m buying in that yarn, it’s gorgeous!] I love contemplating a yarn that I have not worked with before and having it sit in my brain for a few days. I’ll knit up multiple swatches of it and pin them on my dress form and just stare at them for a while — which is all I’ve been doing so far with it. It’s tempting to go all-out cables and tradition with this particular yarn — there’s something truly rustic and lovely about how it works up — but the color itself is also extraordinary & so I want to see how I can make that the focus. It’s just a beautiful thing when on a Sunday you can start working on something, glance at the clock and have it be 9 am and then when you look again, poof, it’s already 4pm and you have idea where the time went. That’s the delight I’ve had so far with this yarn.

Tell me more about what you learned when it comes to using trim on your sweaters — what tips and tricks have you been able to apply to your work to make it look, hang and fit better?
Applying trim and finishing knit pieces with it, for me, is just an added creative outlet and way to take even more pride in a finished piece. I don’t like to sew, but it’s such an easy step and adds so much (I think) that it’s worth the effort. It helps your pieces feel really finished — and there’s something rewarding about peeking on the inside and seeing it. The tips and tricks would be to remain mindful of stretch and making sure you choose a trim that has enough of it if you’re going to use it around armholes and neck openings or hems. And also just having fun with it and making the selection your own. It’s a nice way to further customize. I’m partial to velvet stretch trim, but the possibilities are endless. A whimsical rick rack — or ruffled trim can add a lot of fun — not to mention the the process of shopping for it. Daytona is my favorite spot here in NYC — here’s a clip of me at Daytona that friend made a short time ago.

If you had to narrow everything you know about top-down designs down to one tip, what would it be?
Hmm….I guess my tip would be that if you haven’t already tried it, you should! I’m slightly biased, but it really is a wonderful technique to have in your creative larder — one that you can go back to again and again and use for all sorts of things.
Would you like your own copy of this wonderful book? Leave a comment and we’ll choose a winner!

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    Thank you for having this interview, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂
    Thanks for this giveaway!
    ~ Eliana ~
    IknitCupcakes on Ravelry

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  • Zaz

    hello kristy and knitgrrl,
    what an interesting view inside of kristy’s coming to the knitting world borrowing books, her autrian vacations and hooking up with the “action”, her teary eyes in the film, shot by her friend, at the sight of all those trims and threads in color.
    i just remembered i bought trimmings for a special purpose during a travel that i will use now!!! i had meant to maybe knit some, but hey, it’s faster this way.
    anyway, i hope to win the book, also it just happens that i’ve just knit a top down beret and a dress but bottom up from my head, that i love thistles… too many coincidences.
    good luck with the book’s success to kristy!

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