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August 28, 2007


I can’t write this review yet. I just can’t. I have to re-read the book about five more times just to get a superficial grasp on how awesome it is.

(But that should give you an idea of the review to come)

If you’re not already familiar with KnitKnit, you should be. I’ve been stocking the ‘zine for a while in my (old) online shop, and we’ll have them at Stitch Cleveland as soon as I can hunt the issue 7s down in my studio (they appear to be hiding in plain sight, still in their envelope), but trust me — find back issues if and when and where you can, you won’t regret it.

Plus, is it just me and my OCD, or do the lines on the cover girl’s sweater ever-so-perfectly match the vertical lines and colors of the knitting needles?

(Yes, I actually do notice things like that!)

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  • Felicia

    Sounds like I’ve got to add this one to the list!

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