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August 24, 2007


Inspired by Amy Singer’s example, I’m going to post my own Illustrious Order of Cast On Knitting Scouts badges. Partially because they’re cool, and partially because I got kicked out of real Girl Scouts (true story)…

I definitely proselytize about knitting, to the point of having to separate my knitting blog from the personal one a few years ago to keep the non-knitters from rebelling!

I get a MacGyver for the following clever use of a non-knitting tool in a knitting-related scenario: chopsticks and colored pencils as both knitting and cable needles, toothpicks for Blythe-doll-size knitting, orange juice container lids to shape knitted fabric into dimensional felt, etc.

The Knitgrrl Show gets me a podcasting badge, even if I’m still having post-production issues. Not that I have time to deal with it right this second, but soon!

I’ve written (or am in the process of writing) eight books total at last count, including co-authored and edited books; plus two more sewing-related books with at least one knitted item in them, too.

And now the arguable badges:

Does it count if you were featured in a Vogue article? What about my column for knit.1, which is owned and edited by the same company as Vogue Knitting?

Do articles on Knitty count? Ok, this one makes me feel slightly guilty — I should design some patterns for KnittySpin this fall while I’m in my usual fall-equals-spinning mood. Also, my hand-dyed fiber is featured in the KnittySpin pattern Madge by Jillian Moreno.

My photos have been published alongside other peoples’ articles, plus I have a pattern in the (Interweave-published) spring issue of Knitscene. So this one counts, albeit prematurely.

What badges do you qualify for?

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  • whitney

    Teehee, I was kicked out of real Girl Scouts, too! I’ve never met anyone else who was!

    I’m going to have to play with those Knitting Scout badges now.

    Reply to whitney
  • Joanne

    I too need to do a post about my Cast-On badges! I managed to stay in the brownies but dropped out of Girl Scouts pretty quickly. The problem? No boys. I didn’t really get along with girls then. I find it utterly bizarre that as an adult, my current worklife is almost entirely populated with women! I loved reading about you this week in Yarn Market News…I felt so proud to know you and Stitch Cleveland! (even though I’ve never been to Cleveland…oops.) Well, you know what I mean!

    Reply to Joanne
  • Amber

    Ok, these are just the cutest things ever! And for most of them, I’m working on earning them right now 😉

    Good to see you doing so well Lady! Boston misses you 😉

    Reply to Amber

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