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January 28, 2005

Young, male knitters

Men Who Knit webring — meet your future members! The Minneapolis Star Tribune printed an article 23 January called Never mind the needling: Knitting clicks with boys. This article makes it seems as if they’re all into knitting hats — a counterpoint to the stereotype that all beginning female knitters want to make are scarves?

Craft Yarn Council of America executive director Mary Colucci said their new statistics are coming out next month and they’ll include male knitters. Is this a first? I, for one, am happy to see more male knitters joining the fold. That reminds me…I promised the guys down at Cafe Limbo I’d teach them how to knit cardigans!

update: CBS News jumps on the bandwagon!

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  • Krys

    I love knitting. I know that I’m in the minority when it comes to male knitting. But its fun. I seen that artical a few days ago and its GREAT! I showed it to alot of my firends and they thoguth it was cool too. Thanks for supporting male knitters!

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  • alexandra jackson

    Hi there I was browsing and found your message on the knitgrll site and if i may be so bold have a couple of favours to ask….firstly at present i am a student in the UK and am writing my dissertation about all things knit..
    therefore i was wondering if you (and any fellow knitters) would be interested in taking part in a simple survey
    secondly i unfortunately did not get to see the article on young male knitters and was wondering if you still had it to share!!

    any help would be appreciated. if you can help please do not hesitate to get back tangledsurvey@hotmail.co.uk and then i can send you the appropriate questionnaire

    thanks for your time Alex.

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