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January 27, 2005

Spinners with attitude

I get inspired by handspun yarn — commercial yarn just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Ana Voog, Pluckyfluff, Fuzzy Bumblebee and other spinners who craft one of a kind yarns not meant for mass distribution are my favorites. How can you not look at those yarns and immediately say “oh! I know what I want to make!”?

Commercial yarns sometimes have associations with particular patterns that make it tough for me to think about using them in other ways (I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s a mental block I have to break through when I’m dreaming up something new). With handspun, you can let the yarn tell you what it should be.

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  • christine

    ooh, thanks for those links!!!
    I am going to get some ideas from you on dyes one of these days!

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