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November 15, 2008

Why spin?

Abby explains it all, here in the new issue of Twist Collective. And trust me, she knows.

By the way, if I do not find time to knit this pattern, I will CRY. How fabulous is that? Too fabulous even for me, I think.

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  • julia

    This coat is the best. I so want to make that! If only the day had more hours or I could work a little faster.

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  • kristi

    Yes, this one fills me with want too. Not really filling me with want to knit that much seed stitch. But mostly I just want to wear it and have it.

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  • Bren

    That was a very sweet blog from Abby. However, I’d like to mention that I spin (with my wheel, yay), because it’s a thigh work out! The love of learning, getting back to your roots, creating what you want, yadda yadda yadda. But also the thigh workout.

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  • Anne

    That coat is indeed lovely. However, the last place I need a ginormous flower is atop my derriere!

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