November 14, 2008

CRAFT, page 143

(Digital preview page here)

The always-thoughtful people at CRAFT have sent over a PDF page with their review of Alt Fiber. Here you go:

And speaking of, CRAFT zine editor Natalie is due any day now, so early congrats to her!

(Now I’ve just doomed her to a long labor, you watch. Sorry, Nat. My mom went into labor Friday night when my dad’s band was playing — she was at home, not the club — and they did full congrats, etc on stage when it happened. That was Friday. I was born Monday night, by c-section. Do the math…this is why I am an only child).

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  • Leonie

    This is the perfect book for me, I have been looking at this stuff for a while and only knit in natural fibres anyway but havn’e found a useful book until now. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, but can I wait until Christmas????

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