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May 14, 2007

Who needs to be big in Japan…

…when you can be big in Germany? Spike’s outfit gets approval from our deutsche Freundinnen, who say it’s for “fashion-aware cats.”

(If you got the post title, by the way, you are either old like me, or watch far too much VH1 Classic, or both!)

This weekend I discovered a lovely, dahlia-ish sunflower breed in the flower lineup at Trader Joe’s. The stems have pink knobs on them. Surprise, surprise, they dye your hands pink. They dye the counter pink. They turn the water pink. I’ve cut the stems short and am brewing up a dyepot to see what they’ll do to wool. Photos soon, but I have to start packing for San Francisco. Speaking of which, if you’re in the Bay Area, there are still a few spots available in my Friday afternoon class at Article Pract. Or I’ll see you at the Faire.

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  • maya

    Aren’t there like 3 references to associate with that?

    I immediately thought of Tom Waits.

    Reply to maya
  • Amy

    I’m old like you–actually, I think OLDER than you–great song!

  • Post authorShannon

    At least three, Maya — but as I said, I watch far too much “The Alternative” on VH1 Classic, so the Alphaville version crops up first. Of course, then there’s the band, and there’s the Tom Waits song and… well, yeah. Lots of references. I love that TW song, by the way. He did it at the show here last summer, was VERY cool!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Sally

    Love that color! It reminds me of cotton candy. What a fortunate discovery!

    Reply to Sally

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