May 11, 2007

Two Pagodas

Abby Franquemont also spun some of Pippi‘s Pagoda top. This is yummy stuff.

Here’s my version at right, using the Pagoda I got from Pippi before I visited her last month. I made mine chunkyfunky and left it as a nicely energetic single, winding it straight off the bobbin onto my ballwinder to relax a bit.

When I knit up a bit to see what it looked like, I found it’s bright but not overly so — a very happy color mix. And speaking of Franquemont Fibers — check out this excellent tutorial Abby wrote on spinning tweedy yarns. It’s got me convinced I need to buy Natasha‘s old carder, since I love tweediness.

And speaking of tweediness, my mom just dropped off a great big hardcover book she found at a garage sale called The Scottish World. I’ve been flipping through all the beautiful scenery shots, straining my eyes to check out the sweaters people are wearing in the background.

Spring is in full swing at last. Here are lilacs from my mom’s yard, but better still — the yellow lilac we planted three years ago finally has a few flowers! The black tulips are almost done, though, which makes me sad since they’re my favorites.

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  • Kristine

    Hi — I love your yarn that you spun. It reminds me of Noro one of my favorite yarn companies. I also like your photo of the lilacs. I grew up in the midwest where we had an abundace of lilacs. Now, I am in California and rarely see them.
    — Kristine

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