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August 15, 2011

Vote for my SXSW panel!

Click here to read the proposal.
Larger publishers and distributors are often unwilling to take a chance on what they consider “niche.” Yet consumers want specialization and more advanced content rather than lowest common denominator material. What’s a creative professional to do? Using the example of knit publishing and its evolving presence in the e-book market, as well as best practices for designers and creatives relating to publishing, we’ll explore ways to increase designers’ revenue and buck the established publishing system.
In other words, let’s tell a bunch of techie guys how the knit designers are making it work (say ‘making it work’ Tim Gunn-style, it’s more fun…)
Added bonus: maybe I can teach again at Hill Country while I’m there! The cupcake truck misses me already, I just know it.

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