August 18, 2011

1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

Or, in this case, 1% inspiration, 99% swearing my head off at Adobe Illustrator. (Thank you, dear Marnie, for rescuing me from my own layers-based stupidity)
I worked deep into the night last night on a new pattern which is proving to be the focal point of an entire collection of ideas based on one data source. I’m keeping things a bit close to the vest right now, but let’s just put it this way: I am really happy that someone else volunteered to knit this first piece, because it is…overwhelming.
Overwhelming in all kinds of ways — the patterning made me swoon the more I worked on it, wrestling Illustrator to get the motifs just right, stepping back when my eyesight finally said “lady, NO…GO TO BED already!” and yet, I was so entranced by it I couldn’t stop working.
It’s a sickness, I tell you.

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  • Rebecca

    Sickness, indeed! My partner recently accused me of being unhealthily (in his view) obsessed with knitting. Said that it’s interfering with my life. This, of course, when I objected to him turning off a lamp that I needed on so’s I could see my stitches. It would appear my knitting is interfering with HIS life, but for myself, well, it’s the life I CHOOSE! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing this pattern that’s swallowing you up.

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  • Laura Hall Briedis

    Illustrator can be a bear but its a great program. The anticipation is very exciting… looking forward to finished pattern. Stay rested so your creative muse remains energized.

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