February 16, 2011

Vintage Modern Knits blog tour stop

As mentioned previously, today is the blog tour stop for Vintage Modern Knits. I was hoping to catch up with the authors (Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn) in person during my stay in Philadelphia this past weekend, but no such luck. We may well have some bonus content from them later…they were working out a fashion show using the video function on Courtney’s camera!
So meanwhile, let’s talk about the book itself and why it’s so amazing. There are plenty of vintage patterns floating around out there. There are plenty of modern patterns — as of this moment, there are 45,729 patterns available for download on Ravelry alone! But there is a real dearth of not only lovingly-designed but effective, well-fitted patterns out there in vintage style. Kate and Courtney’s book solves this problem times one million zillion billion. (Note: hyperbole-filled number is completely made up, but you get my point).
The Brigid sweater is my hands-down personal favorite in the book, and not just because it happens to also be my favorite color:

Although these handwarmers are an incredibly close second! The patterning is just delicious, and I am a total fangirl when it comes to the Fibre Company yarns used in the book. (You may remember I used Fibre Company’s Terra in my design Katalin).
You can see all the patterns here.
Pick up a copy of this book today — you’ll love it! And if we get the fashion show video together, I’ll post it here soon!

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  • Audrey

    Thanks for the review – this looks like a fantastic book. Looking at the Ravelry link, I want to make at least six of these patterns!

    Reply to Audrey
  • Suzanne

    One of the nicest things is finding interesting knits that are indeed flattering and fitting. This book looks promising!

    Reply to Suzanne
  • Mabel

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful work. Keep it up

    Reply to Mabel

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