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June 2, 2011

Vickie Howell Sheepish blog tour stop

Hello intrepid yarn explorers! Today we’re taking a look at Vickie Howell’s lovely new yarn Sheep(ish) — the other blog tour dates are here. There’s a small problem, though. My computer screen decided it would be fun to fail and die in the middle of a big project last Saturday. The holiday weekend, of course, meant that even overnight service = getting it back yesterday. And then, in solidarity, the hard drive failed, so I couldn’t even put it into another computer and keep working!
I got my fixed computer back — and my new desktop, which will hopefully not start pulling those kind of shenanigans for several years — yesterday afternoon. LATE. (If you follow me on Twitter, I was alternating between extreme impatience and whining). FedEx guaranteed service by 3:00 apparently means “maybe…if we feel like it.”
So here’s the thing: the charts haven’t been completed for the free pattern I made for you, and the file itself is somewhere deep inside the recovered hard drive data which I only just got access to now. We’ll work on getting them together for you tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek…

That’s Spike, investigating why I’ve just put a scarf on his new favorite basket.

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