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May 28, 2011

(I've got a) color theory

I’ve been on a brown-and-purple kick. It started when I dyed my hair purple earlier in the year, and walked away from a weekend of teaching at Hill Country Weavers with a bagful of different yarns, all purple. (Thistle. Oh yes).

first image from this site, second via Kristen Caldwell Photography for CP
Then we did the photoshoot for Andi’s upcoming book the other day, I saw the socks she designed with Kitchen Sink Dyeworks yarn (Twila colorway — love), and I nearly fell over! Fluevog had sent us the shoe we wanted but in a different color than planned, and look how nicely it all came together anyway!
Brown and purple just look so spectacular when the tones are right.
My Tumblr dashboard has become such a great way to find new color and texture ideas, especially since a lot of the other Tumblr sites I follow are by artists and other visually-oriented people. Edith Lebeau, an artist I met on our April trip to Brooklyn — she’s friends with my studiomate Arabella — has a really good Tumblr. Look at this painting of hers (available as an iPad case!) and tell me you can’t imagine using some Bacchus in a piece inspired by it!
(Hmmmmmmmm. That gives me an idea).

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  • Cassy

    I’ve been really into purple too for some reason. Those are awesome examples of purple.

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