February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day giveaway!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the lovely people at Jordana Paige have given me a SPECTACULAR bag to give away! Check it out — this messenger bag for knitters is pocket-filled, comes in a gorgeous, funky plaid, and retails for $92.

How to win? Just leave a comment about what you love: your significant other? Cookies? Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the hank? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? We’ll pick a random commenter on Valentine’s Day to win the messenger bag.
Bonus: make me laugh or submit your comment in a particularly creative way, and you might win my own personal Jordana Paige bag, the Rio:

So have at it!

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  • sillylittlelady

    I love watching my dog rub her whole body in the snow face first propelling herself with her back paws! Hopefully someday soon I’ll get a video of it to share, it’s hysterical! And I love knitting, and bags so …. this is perfect hehe

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  • Sam L.

    I love the thrill of starting a new project.. fresh needles, fresh ball of yarn and a crisp, newly printed pattern in front of me. 🙂

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  • Rebecca

    I love stale candy bought for half price on February 15th!

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  • Ginger

    I love it when my husband asks me for a hand knit item. He is always so excited to wear anything I make for him. Plus it means a guilt free trip to my favorite yarn shop!

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  • Angie S.

    I love my kids, my hubby, my kitty, etc., but at this very moment I am loving that all the kids are napping and the house is quiet.

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  • Holli

    Before I had my son, I had no idea that I could love someone so thoroughly, so profoundly, so all encompassing. The love just bubbles up thinking about him.

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  • debd94

    I love hedgehogs and the sight of my daughter playing the upright bass, which is about a foot taller than she is!

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  • brenda c

    I love it when kids are darkly comic- like when my 4yr old niece tells me the boat she drew was for her brother and when told ‘how nice!’ Replying ‘yeah- it has a hole in it’.

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  • Alleigh

    Spending the evening on a couch with my husband while watching a movie, knitting, and enjoying some wine.

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  • Meg

    I love that my boyfriend loves that I knit. He tells everyone, to an almost embarrassing degree. He’s taking me to an alpaca farm for Valentine’s day. <3

  • Ashley W

    I love this bag, for starters. But, I also love having tons of sick leave and being able to stay in bed until 1 before getting up to start a sweater.

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  • Robin

    I love my sisters.

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  • Rachel

    I love the smell of rain and the feeling of my baby’s hand on my neck or arm when he’s falling asleep.

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  • Shdawn

    I love my family. I love my mother. I love possibilities, hope, and kindness.

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  • Savannagal

    I love my nieces more than words can say. And…I love this giveaway. Good luck to all.

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  • Tanya

    I love knitting, and even better, love to knit things for the people and pets that I love. Oh, and I love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter.

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  • Michelle

    What I love: my sweet little girl. I was able to be home with her yesterday and take care of her while she had a fever. Usually, I am at work and hubby or grandmas takes care of her. It was absolute joy to have my 4 y.o. never leave my side and when she slept I could quitely knit or read without feeling guilty of other things to do. She brings absolute joy to my life. (Knitting does too 😉

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  • --Deb

    I love the way my dog Chappy greets me when I get home from work. He literally skips in circles out of sheer joy and it never fails to make me smile. And when I reach for the leash? His enthusiasm just makes me glow.

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  • taphophile

    Free sh*t. I really love free sh*t.

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  • Aimee

    I love the creativity of my three Princesses – they never cease to amaze me!

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  • Rebecca

    Well, I love that bag! But really, I love my sweetheart and my kitteh. And I love and am so very grateful for my health and the use of my hands so I can knit. I love that I learned to knit a couple of years ago and that it has become my favourite activity and, essentially, part of me: I am now a KNITTER. I love that.

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  • Anna

    I love getting mail – even if it’s junk mail, so long as it’s addressed to me and not “or current resident.” The idea that there is someone out there who thought about me for a moment to send a letter is reassuring. I will not be forgotten, and I am not alone.

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  • Kate

    I love the final stitch, the last note, the closing punctuation that marks the completion of a project. Because what I love more than finishing a project is starting a new one – all those lovely raw materials begging to *be* something!

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  • Chelsea Anne

    I love my husband of almost 5 years (best friend of almost 15). He is a real man–loves our babies, knows how to climb and ski mountains and pick out the perfect yarn. 😉
    What an awesome bag!

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  • Dianne

    I love unexpected days off when I get to stay home and knit/stitch! Also…love evenings when the kids go to bed early and I can watch movies with my hubs!

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  • Kris

    on Valentine’s Day? I love tequila.

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  • Kate

    I love the vicarious thrill I get reading knitting blogs and watching podcasts. Seeing the FOs and stash enhancements keeps me entertained and creatively inspired.

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  • Blithespirit

    I love that moment, AFTER frogging a project when you use that yarn to knit up something completely different that turns out great and totally justifies the pain of ripping apart hours and hours of work.

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  • Pam

    I love both of those bags!! I love when my husband goes out of town and has no problem going to a LYS and finding me some lovely local yarn :).

  • Sandi

    I love NORO.

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  • Cindy

    I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got my kindle and discovered it could read to me while I was knitting. I love both of those activities and now I can do both at the same time!

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  • Robin Van Vleet

    Puppy breath- There, I’ve said it!!!

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  • Catheryn Littlejohn

    I love and respect my husband of 8 years more than any other person on the planet. He loved me enough to marry me, all the while knowing I had MS and might someday be unable to do for myself. He is the most selfless person I have ever known and I thank God daily for sending him to me!

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  • MaryAnne Williams

    There are so many things that I love, but the one I will mention is when my fourteen year old cantankerous cat makes contact with the Mother Ship and gallops around the house with a wild look in his eyes!

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  • Deven

    What I love & adore is watching my 8 year old teaching her 5 year old sister to crochet. What gives me giggles she is when she argues with our kitten about yarn while she knits.

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  • Alice S.

    My darling sweetie who I fell in love with 26 years ago eating ice cream cones leaning against a light pole by a trash can talking waiting for my folks to catch up to us. Our beautiful children: successful daughter in college, and darlin’ son who wants to celebrate his upcoming 19th birthday & high school graduation with bungee jumping. He teases that he could be doing much worse things and keeps trying to get the bungee jumping idea to be a good idea in my mind.

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  • Jennifer

    I love my husband and that he can still make me laugh. And I love my daughter, and that she has such a great sense of humor and adventure as well. I wish I could figure out how to make you laugh – if you could hear Eliza practicing her French Horn which seems to include random shout outs, that might do it. Not sure what this song is, but it sounds like fun!

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  • Laia

    I love watching Westley, my cat, go bonkers for a new mouse toy. He brightens every day, no matter how depressed or sad I get, I’m so glad I adopted him! I also loves when he puts aside his pirate-cat dignity and snuggles with me on the couch. Pirate snuggles are extra special.

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  • Sarah

    I love my new Malabrigo sock yarn, bought this morning when I discovered I had given away all my purple socks….can’t have that!

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  • Charlotte

    I love when the sock I’m knitting decides that it actually wants to be a glove…and due to the stretchy nature of knit fabric, actually fits.
    64 stitches, you are my favorite number.
    (Also, y’know, cats, the kid, snow on a Saturday, coffee steaming in a big cup, having just finished exercising and knowing I have a whole day to not feeling guilty about not having done it)

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  • Jessica

    I am mad, mad mad for plaid!

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  • Nell

    Of course I love knitting- but I really love sharing the hows and whys of it all with friends and students. Those ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ are such a great thing.
    I’m sure this won’t make you laugh, but it made me smile to share.
    I also love that you and Jordana are sharing. Thank you and happy V-day.

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  • mjsantos

    I love good food…candy included!

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  • Connie

    I love pattern hunting. Every one I find is another opportunity to create something beautiful and perfect. I have found that the best way to preserve this feeling is to perpetually hunt patterns and never begin one. That way I am always on the verge of knitting perfection yet never in any danger of failing.

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  • Shawn

    I love snagging that last skein of wollmeise, especially when I don’t even know what it is I am buying.

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  • Michael-Lyn

    I love those times when you don’t have any WIPs going and you can cast on for whatever project strikes your fancy. I always feel slightly guilty when I’ve already got a project on the needles and I start another one… Like I’m “cheating”on the first one, ha ha! But when I don’t have anything that I need to finish, it’s so fun to pick something new to start! 🙂

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  • syd

    Awwww, I have to say – I *love* my husband. What would I do without him? He’s my best friend, my love, my soulmate — I am the luckiest girl that ever was.

  • Julie

    I love that my cat can’t stand for me to be at the computer without petting her.

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  • Andrea

    I love my family and friends. I love my boyfriend beyond what words can express. I love watching my boyfriend’s cat snuggle up in bed with him…. it’s the cutest thing ever. Princess recently turned 17 years old and is my boyfriend’s constant companion. I love making things with my hands… knitting and crocheting has been my passion for a few years now.

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  • Lisa

    I love the idea of carrying around my knitting in neat bag that is functional but also very useful.

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  • Word Lily

    I love February: Getting snowed in (theoretically as I type), my birthday, the daylight lasting longer, the perfect time to knit or spin.

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  • Jocelyn Grayson

    I love that my son is 19 years old and still wants my husband and me to help improve his job applications! It was awesome to be needed for something other than tuition money (and a laundry room when he comes home for vacations).

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  • Brenda

    I love that my sweet husband has patiently waited for his own hand-knitted hat while I made hat after hat for the babies in our lives….when I finally had his finished, he quietly sat in his chair with it on his head for the next three hours!!!!!

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  • flora

    I love that winter is more than halfway over and it barely felt like it at all! And I love this giveaway!

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  • Laura

    I love that, while I’m sitting here reading blogs, my hubby is in the other room getting me ice cream. I also love that I have somehow worked it (or he’s just that awesome!) so that I haven’t had to get my own ice cream since we got married. It’s a sweet deal, no pun intended!

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  • Haze

    I love my 6-month old grandaughter! She lives in Australia, I’m in Canada. She Skypes with me!! She loves to play peek-a-boo on Skye 🙂 She has just started on solid food and seriously needs her Nana to knit her some full body bibs!!
    You can see why here:
    So you can see I really need the messenger bag so I can travel to Australia with it full of knit bibs 🙂

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  • Deb

    I love a quiet Friday night at home knitting a new project with my 2 golden retrievers at my feet.

  • Darlene Watkins

    Ohhh….how long can I make this post??? In no particular order….I love Little Debbie Cakes….Godiva Chocolate, A REALLY cold Coke Zero, with little floating bits of ice, Malabrigo yarn…if I could sleep with it without getting tangled up I would…..I love my little Schnauzer Puppy….OH…and I LURV my husband…who puts up with me!!!
    Thanks for the contest!!!

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  • Vicki

    I love my children, my husband, and my cat. I also love that I have the time to spend knitting and crafting.

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  • Christina

    I love to hear my girls laughing even when it is the maniacal kind meaning they know they are doing something they shouldn’t like my two year old trying to catch the three year old jumping off the couch. It is like music….. at least til I see what they’re doing.

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  • Mel

    Although they often drive me to drink, I do love the shit my kids say and their subsequent freak outs when they realize that I’ve just tweeted it!

  • Lobug

    I love that my toddler thinks kisses fix everything- and it doesn’t matter who kisses his owies. As long as he shows them to me first, it works for him to kiss them!

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  • Cindy

    Well, I love my husband. I love my part monkey 3 year old girl! I love knitting…. And I love how a good knitting bag keeps both monkey daughter and psycho kitten from hanging themselves in my knitting projects. Happy Valentines! And good luck all!!

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  • Lilly

    I love my husband – we have been all over the world together, but I am still excited to get to our next adventure together.

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  • Sue

    I love my family. I also love it that I have the joy of taking care of my granddaughter while her parents work. I love the way she surprises me almost every day. Most recently I couldn’t figure out why on my phone it was showing I was misspelling words in email and text messages. She had changed the language on it from English to Spanish.

  • Sandra Phillips

    I am the grandmother of 5, almost 6. when my second granddaughter was trying to distinquish me from her other grandmother, she wanted to call us Grandma Dean and Grandma Phillips. I am divorce so I said, what if I get married? You will have to change my name. I am one of 6 children,the oldest, and my siblings called me SaSa. i said, call me Grandma SaSa. She said I am going to call you Sassy and it stuck. I am Grandma Sassy. Now mynieces children call me Sassy and even some other family and friends do too. It shows you can become what you are called, because, now I am sassy!!!!!

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  • Jordana Lizama

    I love cooking for people, it’s my own private way of making them happy.

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  • K M

    Salted Caramel Macarons from Merely Sweets. I’ve been gluten free for 2 1/2 years now…and these macarons make me feel like I’m not missing out! http://www.merelysweets.com/

  • linda

    I love that feeling you get when someone is wearing or using an item you knit for them. It makes any riiiping out you had to do seem totally worth it, oh yea!

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  • camilla

    I love that bag! And I love way sitting down feels after a long day on my feet.

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  • april

    I love a contest. I daydream about winning something sometime. ; )

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  • Anne Eliason

    Love the four ten-year olds having a screaming slumber party at my house tonite…also love the wine that’s keeping me sane enough to type this!

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  • Jerre

    I love the first ripe tomato from my garden, eating as soon as I pick it warm from the sun. I grow them from seed and give my wonderful family organic veggies straight from back garden. Organic catnip for the kittens who sleep with us at night as well. I love that there is a growing community of knitters who support and look out for each other as well.

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  • Eryn Marshall

    I love waking up each morning with my amazing husband beside me. I love curling up on the couch with my husband, dogs and kitten in front of a fire on a winter evening with the snow falling. Perfect quiet evenings with my family!

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  • Heather

    Packages! I don’t care if they are for me or not. I just love to open them. The thrill of figuring out how to open them, some are sealed up extremely well the challenge is getting them open with the least mess and without damaging the item inside. Of course I also love to untie knots or untangle string (yarn). Must be the puzzle factor.

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  • Jennifer

    Let’s see… I love my hubby and kids of course but I also love a perfect pair of matched striping socks. It’s the little things in life. 🙂

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  • Kristie

    I love it when my cats cuddle with me. This is not a frequent enough occurrence!

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  • Kelli Biesbrock

    I Love the NEW Jordana Paige Messenger bag!!! and of course I love knitting. As I was reading all the features of this amazing bag, I think I actually felt cupid shoot me with his arrow! Mega pockets varied in sizes and perfectly positioned. This clever bag won’t become the abyss, with the many extra features like the detachable zippered pouch, and the roomines of this perfectly sized bag. I can’t forget that space was made for glasses, credit cards (gotta have those for the impromptu yarn runs), and a cell phone (so you can call your friends and tell them about the yarn sale)! I can’t forget the fun and business like appeal this bag has, oops, I may have just drooled a little, don’t act like your not drooling too! Grrrrrrrrr….this bag is shagilicious!

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  • Katherine Vaughan

    I love my 2yo son, who is happy to wear and love (to shreds) anything I knit for him (and often things I knit for other people). I also love my husband, who is a smidge more picky (two-color scarf, yes. Jayne hat, not so much.), and my 7yo daughter, who is averse to all things knit (though she does love to spin, so at least there’s some fibery hope!).
    Other less cliched loves: The ultra-intense cobalt color that I’ve named “Yarvik Blue” (after a beloved stuffed stegasaurus), the taste of radishes eaten dirty in the garden (oops! I “weeded” a radish!), the smell of the ocean that hits you before you see it, the sound of sneakers on a basketball court (Go Tar Heels), the main theme to Brahms’ Symphony #1, and the feel of the soles of my children’s feet in the spring before they spend all summer running around outside.

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  • Diane in Northern Calif

    I love the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven.

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  • Lindsay A.

    I love my early morning routine with my dog; the way she comes bounding into my room first thing in the morning when my husband lets her out, even if she hasn’t been outside or had breakfast. I love how she comes snuffling up to the top of the bed, burrows her way into the covers, and curls up into a ball with a great big sigh of contentment. What I love the most about the morning routine is when my husband comes up to get her, and she starts growling at him for having the nerve to disturb her.

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  • Michelle

    <3 I Luv that people accept me as a knitter. They listen to my seemingly endless rants about yarn, patterns, and yes extremely cool knitting bags/accessories, even when they don't have the faintest idea what I am talking about. I Luv the people in my life that accept my hand knit items and wear them proudly, no matter how sh!tty they turn out. <3

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  • Susi

    I love my Ladybug spinning wheel.. I love it so much I made a bag to protect it when I take it on vacation with me…

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  • Ariel

    I love CTHGSY, he’s my yarn boyfriend. (His name stands for Cherry Tree Hill Glitzy Sock Yarn.) A few years back I decided that if I didn’t have a human boyfriend I could always have a yarn boyfriend. We went on some dates, and I vowed only to knit him when I was in a serious relationship. Well, my relationship with CTHGSY has stood the test of time, and we’re still together!

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  • tracey

    I love the first crisp day in the fall that requires a sweater. I love the feel of the air and knowing that I survived yet another searing hot summer in the south.

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  • Sara

    I love walking through my LYS and squishing all the new yarn, figuring out what project I want to start next

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  • Tracy H

    I love coming home from work, dead tired, only to be perked up by happy cries of “Mommy! Mommy’s home!” and tackle hugs from my boys. They’re 8, 11, 15, and 47. OK, the oldest one says “Honey!” instead of “Mommy”, but the sentiment’s the same.

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  • deawn

    I love my guinea pigs. Fo’realz.

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  • Tamara

    I love my husband who makes a latté for me every morning and brings it to me in bed. That’s so incredibly sweet of him.

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  • Lisa

    Believe it or not, I love my teenage boys. They make me laugh every day. Like when we were putting away the Christmas tree and my 16-yr-old crawled under the Christmas tree skirt, centered it over his mouth, opened his mouth and declared himself a tree stand.

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  • Erica

    I love Noro quite a lot. The fun beautiful colors that change as I knit. I can not seem to put down my project because I just love seeing how all the colors are going to look so amazing together all knit up. I dream of visiting the factory where it is made and basking in all the Noro goodness. Oh, and I love my husband and kids too but only if they do not touch my Noro.

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  • Donna

    I love my family of course but I also love when one of my cats gives me a face rub really hard.

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  • Theresa Dean

    I love my hubby. We’ve been together since we were 17 and are due to become grandparents in March. I’m fatter, greyer and slower than I used to be, but he still thinks I’m beautiful. I’m spoilt and usually get my own way. He makes me laugh and cry, some days I could hug him to death, and others knife him. But he’s my best friend and I love him.

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  • Wendy

    I love that every new knitting project I start my 8yo son and 3yo daughter assume that it’s for them!

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  • Billie

    I love all of the wonderful knitters with blogs, podcasts, and videocasts that are so generous sharing their passion for knitting with others. It is so comforting to be able to tune in to other knitters and be inspired by their projects, stash, and lives in general.

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  • Mary

    I love that my husband is supportive of me, and my knitting….and I WOULD love that jordana paige bag, too!!

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  • Laura Miller

    I love the confidence that I have when beginning a new knitting project, I love every little stitch that I make, I love all (yes ALL of them) that I rip out and restitch, and I love the feeling of accomplishment when the project is done.

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  • Rasa

    Love knitting!!! Love the bag…hope I win:)

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  • Courtney

    I love my family, friends and any day where I have time to knit.

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  • Angela

    I love my beagle, who always needs to be sitting on me when I sit on the couch, no matter what I’m doing and no matter that I may need my lap for other things. He has claimed my lap for himself, and there’s no convincing him that it’s actually mine.

    Reply to Angela
  • Marguerite

    I love my siblings. I’m the oldest of seven, with 3 sisters and 3 brothers. They can make me laugh like no one else. My brothers do goofy things like tie yellow surveyor’s tape around their heads and pretend to teach a martial arts class for seniors. (the karate chop is great for people with arthritic hands who can’t make a fist, right?) My sisters and I share clothes and shoes and yarn and books and knitting advice. I can’t wait til we have kids, they are going to hear the best stories.

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  • Aleda

    I don’t know about making you laugh, but I love that I get paid to help people cope better with their lives. I’m a psychology intern at a VA hospital, and I love seeing veterans who have been nearly broken down by their experiences leave therapy feeling whole again.

    Reply to Aleda
  • Tracy B

    There once was a Montessori Mom named Tracy, who like to knit in lace weight. Alas her job was cut to part time, so now she has had to forgo her goodies (No cool Knitting bags!) and cut out knitting in lace weight (I’m not sure that it is funny but it is true)
    I love my two teenagers who are eating me out of house and home and are growing so fast that it seems they need new clothes every week. I love my husband who I almost never see as we are trying to make enough money to pay our bills. I love my students who make me laugh so hard that I sometimes cry. I love knitting because my Mom taught me now to do it and she has been gone now 5 years. How time flies!

    Reply to Tracy B
  • Diana

    I love knitting and introducing people to the world of knitting! And I LOVE this bag!!!

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  • Maria

    I love knitting an easy baby blanket while watching Eli Manning humble Tom Brady in Indianapolis!

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  • Sharon carpenter

    I love my husband for thinking “stash” means 6-10 extra balls of yarn.

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  • Vicki

    I love myself (because I’m pretty awesome). I’d be even more awesome with that bag and a nice new project in it!

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  • Linda

    Lucky enough to work in a yarn shop, I love the knitting community that collects there: the stories, advice, laughter, sharing, projects, mistakes, life lessons, etc. It’s crazy good.

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  • Prudence

    I think snow is like crack to my dog. She just goes crazy. Doesn’t listen or anything.

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  • Sue H

    I love my husband. We’ve been married almost 34 years. There’s been good and bad times but we’re still together. In 2010 I had back surgery and he had to do everything. And again he’s taking care of me and the house after a car accident in December totaled my car and put me on the sidelines. He’s one great guy!

    Reply to Sue H
  • Jill

    I love my Hubs and our two gray kitties. And, I love that many knitters who’ve already posted have talked about their kitties. We really are a predictable bunch, eh?
    I love it when people check out my website (shameless, I know, but I’m a teacher, I need another outlet!). 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway offer!

    Reply to Jill
  • Sandee

    I love that my husband is okay with the fact that I would rather knit than do almost anything else on my days off. I love that I can knit, eat lunch and read on my Kindle all at the same time. There is a Kindle pocket in this bag.

    Reply to Sandee
  • Lisa

    I love my daughters, especially now that they are grown and don’t need my unending time, attention and money 🙂 I love my Pekingnese who is lying next to me and snoring. Also snoring is my husband of 30 years who recently gave me a new wheel for our anniversary. I love him and it. Oh, and I love this bag 🙂

    Reply to Lisa
  • Marsha Baker

    I love going to the Knitting Fairy’s Studio and hanging out with my knitting friends.
    I love being in the classroom with kids and watching that aha! moment.
    I love my husband – for loving me just the way I am.
    I love my son – he is constantly amazing me.

    Reply to Marsha Baker
  • Mary Ellen

    I love my knitting….the whole act of sitting on my loveseat (aka as “The Throne”) and settling in for the feel of wool between my fingers and the absolute amazement of creating something starting from a single loop and needles. It’s just so relaxing – I often refer to it as “My IV Valium”. I also love having portable projects i.e. socks, scarf, ornaments to while away the time in a waiting room, or any other unforeseen detour in my day. It’s what got me through waiting though music lessons, soccer practices etc when my girls were younger…some people look at it as being productive….I view it as my yoga for my mind, body and spirit!

    Reply to Mary Ellen
  • Barb

    My significant other. Who loves it that I didn’t travel for work for six months. But wanted more alone time. Who supports me traveling for work. But is a bit miffed that my next assignment will be in LA thru december with only weekends home (“what do you mean? They aren’t giving you a week a month at home? Isn’t that illegal?” imagine in an outraged teenage child tone).
    And they say women are hard to deal with? Really?

    Reply to Barb
  • Kelli Biesbrock

    Is there some way you can stop the comments from going to my email????? Somehow when I left a comment I think the box was checked, and now I am getting all the comments.

    Reply to Kelli Biesbrock
  • Linda Timmons

    I love watching my new guilty pleasure, “Revenge”, while knitting on the couch with my cat Gizmo curled up on top of me.

    Reply to Linda Timmons
  • Kim

    I love knitting and knitting bags (bags of all kinds actually)!

  • Julia

    I love my family and Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage the most atm. 🙂 Well, I always love my family, I am not that faithful to the yarn.

    Reply to Julia
  • Rebecca

    I love my fiance. I love him even though he doesn’t like a) Valentine’s Day or b) chocolate. Luckily, a) he shows me he loves me every day, so Valentine’s Day isn’t that important for us and b) he never steals my chocolate, so — more for me.

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Erica

    I love my husband. I love that he now “gets” my knitting enough to use explanations such as, “It would be like using Malabrigo to knit a coffee coaster!” I love that he does things like buy me a $50 spindle in January, then wrap it and leave it on the mantle for me to stare at until Valentine’s Day. I love that he does things like email my LYS owner with a list of knitting books I want and ask her if she has any of them. I love that he once braved the LYS to get me a sock book and two skeins of sock yarn. I love that he took me to a LYS when we were in Tahoe so I could give her some business the last week before she closed up shop. I love that he allowed me to pose him all over Boston in The White Wool to take pattern illustration pictures.

    Reply to Erica
  • jessicac

    I love the way my husband looks when he is just waking up. I love how quiet it is in the morning before the city wakes up. I love that my knit sweater is one button band away from being done!

    Reply to jessicac
  • Angela

    Right now, I think my daughter is at the top of my list. At age 6, she is finding her funny, and pops out with random quips all day long that get me giggling. And then she starts giggling, and who can resist a kid’s giggle?

    Reply to Angela
  • SandyK

    Have to boast a bit on what an enabler my hubs is and why not only I love him to pieces, but why everyone that meets him does too… While doing classes out of state I fell into the chance to grab cases of discontinued yarn that was going in a dumpster if I didn’t take it. Could only stuff a small portion in my SUV. Told him about it during a call home to check in and 3 hours later, he surprised me when he arrived in his 1 ton dually to haul the rest home. Flew cross country to Atlanta to do Stitches south and got vertigo so bad on the plane that I dry heaved all 2600 miles. He showed up in Atlanta 2 days later to drive me home. If you ever see 6’3″ of cowboy walking around a fiber event waving a credit card over his head asking if anyone wants to sell him “stuff”, that’s him. I’ve offered to lease him out for husband training 101, but so far no one’s taken me up on the offer.

    Reply to SandyK
  • Rachel

    Valentine’s Day is all about sweets treats for my sweet and snuggles all around.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Michele

    I love that bag! Unfortunately it would eat up too much of my yarn budget. Seriously, I love my family, Millie our adorable dog and my yarn shop, Colors 91711.

    Reply to Michele
  • Fiona

    I love the wonderful world of fibre and the worldwide community I have discovered. Sewing, knitting, spinning, weaving, love it all. It grounds and relaxes me and connects me to the best people. I love passing on what I am learning to my daughters, so that they too can discover their creative passion.

    Reply to Fiona
  • Sheila

    I love sunshine. After torrential downpours and floods a couple of weeks ago, Oregon is actually having sun! In the low 50s, sunny and clear blue skies. I’m loving it.

    Reply to Sheila
  • Carmen

    I love snuggling with my husband and baby girl on Saturday mornings. It’s our one chance during the week to play together early in the morning before the busyness of the day takes over.

    Reply to Carmen
  • Kim S.

    I love my sweet husband. We met in high school about 40 years ago but didn’t get together until five years ago. He was worth the wait! I love our three grown daughters, our two kitties, and our 75-year-old house that my husband grew up in. And, of course, I love knitting – which I’ve been doing since I was 10. 🙂

    Reply to Kim S.
  • Lara

    I love my husband most of all. I love that he supports me in everything I do or try to do. The fact that he has eaten some of my experimental cooking when we first got married, well I love that too! The sweater that I knitted for him that didn’t turn out quite right, he just says the wool is way too warm for him and not wearing it has nothing to do with the misshappened zipper formation. He never complains, even when I launched a fish hook through my arm and we hadn’t even started fishing. He slogged though our first fiber festival after torrential rain that later dubbed the festival “the mudfest”. I love knitting and chocolate too, but I really love my husband the best!

    Reply to Lara
  • Paula Corman

    I love yarn and I love knitting but my cat Misty LOVES my lap.
    So when I sit down no matter where here comes Misty . One giant leap and she sitting in my lap.
    Knitting would be easier if I could hide the yarn while I am knitting.
    Your new bag would do the trick so I can do both knit and have Misty on my lap sleeping.

    Reply to Paula Corman
  • Chantal Boucher

    I love the Baby Alpaca Yarn ! Especially when i have the time to knit it! So i would say that i love to have spare time…!!

    Reply to Chantal Boucher
  • karm

    I love my family, the opportunities my husband and sons give me to express my love for them in creative ways, and the way they graciously make me feel like I make them the absolutely coolest things *ALMOST* every single time. 😉

    Reply to karm
  • Joy wandrey

    I love knitting, spinning,art of all kinds, being a librarian, helping others, but most of all my little farm, my son, husband and family! Without the people in my life i would not be! They are my pot of gold and my heaven on earth.

    Reply to Joy wandrey
  • anamaria

    I almost gave my son a heart attack when I spoke to the school principal and she allowed me to teach the school Knitting and Crochet
    He was like “really mom at my school ”

    Reply to anamaria
  • Jess

    The renmants of my sister’s cherry pie which is currently sitting next to me 🙂

    Reply to Jess
  • Shelly

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    <3 I LoVe huffing hand dyed skeins of wool… <3
    <3 <3<3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3<3<3

    Reply to Shelly
  • Debbie H

    I love and miss my hubby, Fred who died of pancreatic cancer in Dec. We were married 33 years! I also love my little black kitty, Twinkles for giving me lots of love during this difficult time. Debbie H

    Reply to Debbie H
  • Deb

    I love everyone in my family, of course, but I love my yarn! I went to a yarn sale yesterday and the way my heart quickened on the way to the shop, I knew it was love. I’m now mooning over my new purchases–definitely infatuation.

  • knitterlydesigns

    I really love both of those bags, but I really want the Rio, so here is my best effort to make Shannon laugh…
    I love poop free days. Let me explain. I love the days when there isn’t a special little present waiting for my in my daughter’s diaper while I am in the middle of eating lunch. I love when my son calls for my husband to wipe his bum and not me. I love when I don’t have to dodge newborn poop. (Did you know that newborn poop has the velocity of a machine gun?) I love when I don’t have to clean my baby off because she just crawled through her brother’s poop that he secretely put on the floor. I love when I don’t have to wonder why is there poop on my clothes, and whose is it. Yes, yes, I know everybody poops, but I LOVE poop free days. Not very Valentinesc, but I hope it made you laugh.

    Reply to knitterlydesigns
  • Rachel

    Love the frogs and bugs singing on a warm summer night.

    Reply to Rachel
  • lindaran on Ravelry

    Ooh, I love the feel and the smell of a new skein of yarn – the possibilities and the anticipation just add to the fun! (The children and the boyfriend fall in there somewhere too!)

    Reply to lindaran on Ravelry
  • Cheryl

    When I go about my job as a Home Support Worker I often get asked if I am married or have a boyfriend. My answer to them is “No, I knit.”
    They stop and think for a moment and then respond with laughter at my answer. I really like to knit tea cosies at the moment.
    Please count me in for a chance to win.
    Thank you.
    Happy Valentines day to all.

    Reply to Cheryl
  • Sara

    I love the story my grandmother tells about my father’s birth on Valentine’s day. One of her friends came to visit her and said, “Wasn’t it kind of Mr. Hazeltine [my grandfather] to provide you with such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present?” It is so ridiculous–who did they think did all the work?–but so typical of my Grandmother to be so proud of her first-born child, a son.

    Reply to Sara
  • BeckyinVT

    I love my new shetland sweater, and the feel of shetland wool against my skin!
    Yes, I consider shetland a next-to-skin soft yarn…

    Reply to BeckyinVT
  • Shilo Artis

    I love knitting time surrounded by yarn and books with no interruptions from children… Or at least I think I would if I were ever able to experience it! 🙂

    Reply to Shilo Artis
  • Karen

    I love snow days! With hot chocolate, popcorn, a good movie (generally this means a animated movie), something to knit, and my six year old snuggling with me on the sofa, (hence the movie choice). Can’t get any better than that.
    As for something funny… My kiddo has learned what hypothesis means… But it comes out hy-POT-O-sis. Everytime he says it I can’t help but laugh.
    Also, on Friday it snowed enough that the schools closed. When my kiddo woke up I told him no school today. He said, “Are you kidding me?” I said nope, and then opened the blinds in his room, he said, “Well mom, that’s the problem!”
    Gotta love the wisdom of a 6 year old.

    Reply to Karen
  • ardosa

    I love my kids (of course), my cats and (most of the time :)) my husband.
    I really love when i have to go to lectures – i learn better by knitting while listening (and i get a lot of UFOs done!)
    I love when people don’t believe i knit what i have on (be it hats, mittens, anything) until i pull out needles and yarn and prove it!
    I really love catching a cat with my yarn wrapped around his feet or tail or something.. or catch one of them with a ball of yarn in thier mouth as if it was a kitten (i love it more when it is not a current project!)

    Reply to ardosa
  • Megan

    I love many things…but right now I am loving teaching my daughter to knit! She is learning so quickly and enjoying it so much. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Reply to Megan
  • Mujercita

    I love my new (adopted one month ago!) kitty.
    I love my boyfriend.
    I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a large or complicated knitting project.

    Reply to Mujercita
  • Joan Grahlfs

    What fun! I am working fast to finish a heart scarf for Valentine’s Day. I love being retired.

    Reply to Joan Grahlfs
  • Leslie

    More than anything I love quiet afternoons with my husband. We sit on the couch and watch tv and I knit and he plays with my hair. Usually the cats come sit in my lap and “help” me knit. One in particular is convinced that the small double point needles are going to kill me…she has to leave.
    Lovely bag! I hope I win! 🙂

    Reply to Leslie
  • Kelly

    I love preschool because it gives me 2 hours of uninterrupted time alone. Even though I should probably use it to clean, my favorite use is for knitting! Of course, I love my kids, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and that time alone helps me be so happier to see them in the afternoon!

    Reply to Kelly
  • Deb Praus

    I really LOVE that bag….be still my heart(uh, not really! I am getting to be of that age when one starts to worry about that).
    I love my husband, family and friends, ya know the usual stuff….but then my list is;
    1. quilting and collecting fabric
    2. knitting and collecting yarn
    3. reading and my new Kindle
    4. The Big Bang Theory
    5. The Big Chill
    6 Fresh Flowers
    7. Hugs
    8. Sheets hung out to dry in the sunshine
    9. Music, most kinds
    10. Scrapbooking
    Do you want more? I can you know!
    I enjoy life and am grateful for all the things it is made up of.
    Thanks for the chance on the giveaway(s)!

    Reply to Deb Praus
  • Spring

    I love my husband, my family, my new job, life!

    Reply to Spring
  • fishgirl182

    yes, you hit it on the head. i lurv malabrigo merino worsted in pretty much every colorway. i want to roll around in a big bowl of it our just sleep next to it and hug it tight. i also love warm chocolate chip cookies, brownie sundaes, sweet tea and lazy saturday mornings. thanks for the giveaway!

    Reply to fishgirl182
  • Rita

    It’s the time of year
    When all that you hear
    Is I love . . .
    And your post fits in
    To the clamor and din
    Of I love . . .
    I look at my life
    As mother and wife
    Oh I love . . .
    An attractive bag to hold my knitting or netting tools!

    Reply to Rita
  • Lisa Roman (@daisydeadpetal)

    The things that I love are many and varied – as I write this today, in excruciating pain due to whoknowswhat stomach malady has been crippling me the past 3 days, I think “Lisa, you know what you love? Gastrointestinal health. That’s what.”
    But in all honesty, I love my children painfully so. My 13 yr old and my 16 month old bring such joy to my life and to the lives of everyone they meet #noexaggeration that I can’t help but be bursting with pride and adoration. I love my partner for being the best man I could imagine who would dare put up with my crazy and pick me up years after a disastrous first marriage and show me “hey, dudes aren’t all bad and can be trusted.” I love my cat (obligatory crazy yarn loving cat comment here). I love my best friend and business partner because she kicks so much @ss and doesn’t even realise it most days. I love that I found such passion and inspiration in the knitting community and I love making things with my hands. I love the reception our fledgling yarn dyeing business has gotten the FIVE months we’ve been running. I love my friends, you know who you are #pointedstare. I love that I can say this with absolutely NO sense of irony, in spite of living in the irony capital of the world, North Brooklyn, and loving being here. I love NYC. I love to hate to love politics.
    There is SO much else that I love. Handbags being one of them #pickme. Many of these thing would probably be food related but even thinking of them throws me into painful stomach cramping. So, regardless of not wanting to lose weight this way, and trying desperately to find a silver lining, I love that I MAY be able to fit into jeans a little better once I am brave/well enough to leave my apartment.
    Thanks for this contest!!

    Reply to Lisa Roman (@daisydeadpetal)
  • Sharon Cohen

    I love that I’m semi-retired and have time to play with my friends, knit and enjoy the company of my husband — and (required disclaimer) not necessarily in that order.

    Reply to Sharon Cohen
  • lawheezer

    I love knitting Susie’s reading mittens in a soft wool and a gorgeous colorway (Mini mochi Blueberry Pancakes, dye lot 55) so that when you are done it looks so good that you think OMG I couldn’t have made that! Yummy yum yum!

    Reply to lawheezer
  • Anne

    I love my husband. I love flying out to CA on Valentine’s Day to see him–he has been gone since the first week of Jan. and will not return here til the end of April. Big job! I love knitting, and wool. Love, love wool. Sad to say out of the five baby girls showing up between next week and the end of May, not one can I use wool to make their gifts!!! Sigh. There are acrylics that work up nicely, too. But….

    Reply to Anne
  • Mari

    I love when I finish a project, analyze it meticulously, and realize that there are absolutely no errors in it! The logical thing to do would be to analyze it as I knit, to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, which I try to do, but it seems that so many times I bind off a project, and then as I’m blocking I notice that there is one stitch that was slipped, or a cable twist that is too far or too close to the previous twist, or one time that one sock was longer than the other, and another time where one sleeve was longer than the other. Every time I spot a mistake the crazy OCD knit-nazi part of me comes out and as soon as it dries I start frogging… And a mania overcomes me and my husband tries to leave the house. SO, when I realize, as I’m blocking, that the whole item is as it should be it creates a great sense of relief and joy in me. I love it! I would also love to carry around my frogged half disaster items in either of these lovely bags.

    Reply to Mari
  • Jean Hochard

    My how times flys when you are knitting and what pretty things you can make and a great pasttime. I always have 4 or 5 different projects going. I am retired and realy enjoy knitting.

    Reply to Jean Hochard
  • Amanda

    I love calling in and pretending to be sick just to finish knitting the adorable mittens in time for tomorrow’s snow storm. I love my boyfriend for spending 2 hours last night helping me untangle and then find the end piece on my new sock yarn. And finally, I love my sister, for being there and emailing me all day on a Friday when I have no motivation to actually work. Thanks for writing such a fun blog that also helps with those last day of the week blues!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Kathleen

    I love my anti-depressants! 😉

    Reply to Kathleen
  • Catherine

    My husband had a bad day last week and, for him, was unusually down. I tried a number of cheering up tactics, but still no smile. I pondered a bit more and came up with an idea I thought might do the trick. Quickly trolling through my vast arsenal of female emotions, I mustered up some pretty good and sincere looking facial muscles, turned to him and said, “I love you more than ALL of my wool.” Now since we are pretty much double-insulating our whole home with my wool stash, and that he is pretty aware of the fact that I know almost every ball and skein by name and location, this was a significant statement for me to make. He immediately laughed and said, “Really? All of it?” I caved a little. “Well, okay, not the ROWAN Felted Tweed. Everything else.” His grinning reply back was, “Really? That’s it? Just that one? Nothing else?” Me – “Oh yes, just that one.” A complete lie because I know with all of my soul about those few skeins of special hand-dyed that I keep under our bed and which I take out and stroke every few months, but what the heck, he was the one having a bad day.

    Reply to Catherine
  • Latonya R

    I just want the bag so I can haul all of my crap in. Seriously who really needs to carry their own potpourri sachet. I do!

    Reply to Latonya R
  • Maureen

    I love my husband. Our first Valentine’s Day married I wanted to make a dinner that he really likes (Chicken Limone). Let’s say that it is now known between him and I as the Pucker Chicken dinner. I made the dinner with too much lemon juice. He sat and ate a few bites and I asked how it was and he said interesting. I took a bite and immediately spit it back out. I had worked hard to make this Sour dinner. Oh well we ended up having mashed potatoes and peas for dinner and a piece of chocolate cake. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings and loves me enough to say it was interesting.

    Reply to Maureen
  • CrazyVet

    I love my guy so much that I not only already knit him one huge sweater (out of malabrigo worsted) in spite of the sweater curse, which fortunately hasn’t affected us, I’m knitting him another one now, in malabrigo rios (that’s 750 g of malabrigo, which has to be ordered from abroad, TWICE, not to mention that his chest circumference is over 120 cm – those are really big projects 🙂 )
    I also love my cats, in spite of their affection towards my knitted items (one of them really likes kneading and suckling on my sweaters, particularly the malabrigo-sock ones; can’t blame her, though) and leaving hairs all over everything.

    Reply to CrazyVet
  • KnitDesigns

    I love the fact that I will be having the summer off to spend with husband and son, to just be together. Thinking of driving cross country… Or maybe half way. Not sure how many of us will survive the trip back. 3 people together 24/7 for more than a week together ALL THE TIME! Yikes

    Reply to KnitDesigns
  • Shannon

    I love my family, snickerdoodles, hot tea, British movies and knitting (of course)!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Beverly

    I love strategizing about how to make people uncomfortable when I believe they are behaving unethically. I love my dogs. I love sexy shoes. I love Butter of London nailpolish, and I ADORE you!

    Reply to Beverly
  • Lisa Davis

    I love being retired, cuddling with whichever of the four felines wants to snuggle, and drinking a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa while the snowflakes fly past my window. I love watching the male and female cardinal who are my new neighbors dining at my bird feeders and picking over the berries that are still hanging on the bush beside my back porch. They’re such fun to watch that I don’t even mind when the silly male fights with his reflection in my car’s side mirror!

    Reply to Lisa Davis
  • Barbara S.

    I love knitting and cuddling on the couch with my husband, while my daughter is upstairs sleeping peacefully.
    Now add in a good movie , our cat curled up on the recliner, and drinks. Now that it is a perfect night I would love to have….someday.

    Reply to Barbara S.
  • Denise

    I love sunday mornings reading the paper, drinking great coffee and then knitting. A great combo!

    Reply to Denise
  • Elizabeth

    I love warm cookies and moonshine

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Kristine

    I love my husband and two boys. I love knitting in bed on a rainy night. I love when a student tells me they loved the book I talked them into reading. But mostly tonight, I love muscle relaxers (back spasms).

    Reply to Kristine
  • Stacy

    I love entering contests, and I love reading all the other entries.

    Reply to Stacy
  • Laura Turnbull

    I love surviving a long car trip with my family – no one got sick; we are all still talking to each other; and I got a lot of knitting done!

    Reply to Laura Turnbull
  • Janey Barinov

    I love my man, who brings me purple things and butterflies, just because he knows they will make me smile, be they paper, plastic, silver or precious stones, just the fact that he knows I love them is enough.

    Reply to Janey Barinov
  • Roxy

    There are many things that I adore,
    Like taking walks on the sea shore,
    The tiny paws on my kittens,
    The stitches in my mittens,
    And when my partner doesn’t snore!

    Reply to Roxy
  • Peggy

    I love discovering a fantastic new knitting blog just in time to get a chance to leave a comment in hopes of winning a Jordana Paige bag!
    And just because I had something else neat happen today: I also love it when, after a horrible panic learning that your yarn shop no longer has the dye lot of yarn that you need to finish the last three rows of the detailed cable hat you are making, you call a store half-way across the country and the person who takes your call tells you yes, we do have that dye lot in stock!

    Reply to Peggy
  • Kathy

    I love my cat who has been searching for the door into summer since the snow started, but I love my husband more.

    Reply to Kathy
  • Carmen

    I love books, knitting, cooking, and babysitting.

    Reply to Carmen
  • Karen Bourquin

    I have an overwhelming love of yarn and anything knitty……… and I love my hubby , my son and my daughter. Mostly I love having another opportunity every day to hug them and tell them them that I love them. Having everyone here everyday, is everything. Any more than that, is simply icing on the cake of life!

    Reply to Karen Bourquin
  • Patricia Briceno

    I love the feeling of being loved. DH makes breakfast for me everyday. Today he will be making for me his delicious french toast. Love that guy!

    Reply to Patricia Briceno
  • Dawn

    I love my husband, my kids, my dogs, definitely chocolate and of course knitting – wool in all shapes and forms.

    Reply to Dawn
  • Liz Washburn

    I didn’t follow your instructions, but couldn’t resist writing a poem (using Christopher Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” for inspiration) to express the kind of wonderful life one of your bags will find with me.
    The Passionate Knitter to Her Bag
    COME live with me and be my bag;
    With angora, alpaca, all that swag,
    I will fill and you, my sweet love,
    To create rich shawls, mittens, gloves.
    You will sit beside my comfy chair,
    With the rhythm of needles in the air,
    And see the my creations come to shape;
    Our life together a splendid escape.
    There will I make thee a loving friend;
    All cares will instantly suspend;
    A partner, a sidekick, my grandest tool,
    You’ll be treasured as my rarest jewel.
    A sweater made of the finest wool
    Which from our pretty lambs we pull,
    Fair linèd slippers for the cold,
    Gorgeous knitwear to behold.
    Needles made from gleaming wood,
    Used to make a charming hood:
    Inside you, you’ll find, in this life of grace,
    If you come live with me and be my case.
    Afar we’ll voyage together, to arrive
    In style at Vogue Knitting Live,
    Or fiber festivals off the beaten path,
    Like lovers on holiday, we’ll cut our swath.
    The knitting angels shall dance and sing
    For thy delight each May-morning:
    Grab these delights—and do not lag:
    Come live with me and be my bag.

    Reply to Liz Washburn
  • wanda poppins

    I love the color pink ….. I own a lot of pink !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to wanda poppins
  • odessa frey

    I love my kids…and my husband, when he doesn’t talk too much or hog the remote. So usually special occasions. 🙂

    Reply to odessa frey
  • Dana Esker

    I love when I see my kids smile 🙂

    Reply to Dana Esker
  • Beth clawson

    I love reading knitting blogs on my iPod in bed late at night when I should be asleep

    Reply to Beth clawson
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  • Sandra Phillips

    Hopefully you got my previous emails. I am so excited!I would love Knitting in the woods if that is ok or what ever you want will be much appreciated. I do not crochet, just knit. Thank you
    Sandra Phillips
    2323 Howard Rd
    Roanoke, VA 24015

    Reply to Sandra Phillips

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