January 25, 2012

Sign up now for my Maine knitting retreat!

31 August-5 September, on an island off the coast of Maine. Click for more details. A brief summary of the retreat:

Instructor Shannon Okey has developed a curriculum that begins with establishing proper measuring techniques. Course participants will learn how to measure themselves and their knitting for optimal fit and precision, examine sizing schematics and how to select appropriate pattern sizes, plus discuss gauge and how patterns really work. This class is best suited for adventurous beginning knitters through intermediate knitters.
Amidst wild roses and towering spruce, with unobstructed views of Penobscot Bay, course participants will explore dyeing techniques to create custom-dyed yarn and then create their own dream sweater or other knitted project. We will spend at least one full day dyeing if not more, and students are welcome to bring as much of their own yarn as they like to dye for a winter’s worth of knitting. Patterns will begin to transform into art as students cast on, discuss design challenges, and play with some advanced knitting techniques (such as steeks) and other ways to make knits that are truly one of a kind couture.

We had SO much fun last year, you just don’t even know. See here for some of the photos. Maine is my FAVORITE, and if you haven’t been yet, trust me, it will be yours, too.
It only rained the one day so immediately we had to run out and stage this photo:

Is that not the cutest thing ever?

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  • Katie@YarnLove

    Oh, to be the dyer teaching that class! Total dream teaching experience! I about died (pun intended) when I saw freshly dyed yarn draped over that row boat. Looks heavenly – I hope you all have an amazing time….Maine is so beautifully historical…..

    Reply to Katie@YarnLove
  • Rebekah

    Once my tax return arrives I’ll be sending in my deposit! Can’t wait to get back on that island with Shannon! 🙂

    Reply to Rebekah
  • Shannon

    YAY! I love my Rebekah! more Rapunzel photo-staging ops!

    Reply to Shannon
  • teri

    yes, yes, this is the cuuuutest photo of the year.
    Gosh, I wanna be with you girls!!!

    Reply to teri
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