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March 17, 2006

That's it, I'm moving to Calgary

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, the knitting of the green on Flickr (photo by polyartgirl)! I’ll have to upload a photo of my own latest handspun green yarn masterpiece later…it’s a spectacular chartreuse that gets lighter and lighter until it finally fades out to pure white. I’m planning to use it in a circular sweater yoke for best effect.
Why do I want to move to Calgary? Because then this would be my LYS! The fantastically talented Amy Swenson of indiknits has opened a Make One Yarn Studio and I want to visit now, now, now!
Kim, can we reroute our book tour through Calgary? Can we please?

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  • julie

    I love the sound of your handspun. Veruca Salt would say “I want one, Daddy! I want one, NOW!”
    I can only hope Make 1 becomes so popular they open one in Vancouver or Seattle. It looks fabulous. Chick flick and knit(crochet)?! Awesome idea.

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  • Leslie

    Wowa Calgary….I guess that will be my next vacation destination.

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