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March 19, 2006

Life in the fast lane

This is the view from my lap on Friday night, in case you were wondering what the exciting work life of a knit designer entails. No red carpets and paparazzi for me…just a very sleepy kitty (who, when not sleeping, enjoys stealing 2-pound bobbins of handspun and dragging them upstairs) and a dachshund who cannot wait for me to finish this sleeve and go for a walk. In the distance, you will see Shark, a stuffed dolphin. (Ever since her first stuffed shark, all stuffed animals have been “Shark” to Anezka).

The purple yarn you see (Brown Sheep “Wild Violet,” a new color I like a lot) became a sleeve for a Felt Frenzy pattern. I’m pleased with the end results — it’s a fast knit because it’s big needles, it’s garter stitch (great for mindless TV knitting and the vertical lines are slimming), but it also has short rows for shaping that solved a lot of the problems inherent in the first version of the pattern. Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted actually looks nicer knit on bigger needles than recommended…bouncy and sproingy.

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