March 9, 2008

Stupid blizzard, fun cruise

Hello! I’m back! Well, except I’m not. Technically. Ok, let me explain…

Robert Frost: “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”

Accordingly, I think I proved that Boston really is my second home yesterday. I’ve been teaching knitting for Debbie Stoller on a cruise ship, and upon the ship’s return to NYC, I found out the Ohio blizzard pretty much exploded any chance I had of getting home home.

After my flight was cancelled, the best the airline could do was get me to Boston to wait out the storm, as they couldn’t get me anywhere near Ohio. Every single flight today, Monday and for the conceivable future to Cleveland was fully booked, too. Trains and driving were both out: I’d missed the once-a-day former, and my boyfriend said he’d kill me if I made it home alive doing the latter. So, my former roommates picked up my sorry, tear-soaked self at Logan, fed me and put me to bed to wait out the blizzard.

Added bonus: I can go see my Boston yarn store pals. Hey, silver lining, right? And did I mention Marina graduated from culinary school last year? So it’s not all bad, although I am really missing my boyfriend and the household of furry beasts.

The Stitch ‘n Beach cruise was incredibly, ridiculously fun. My students were fantastic, everyone learned a ton of new stuff and they all left with about a million new UFOs (sorry about that). I’ll post photos as soon as I get them off the camera. But right now, it’s time to check train schedules and stuff…

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  • Sue

    You are a great instructor and we all learned a lot (not to mention the fun) …….and you are right, there are even more UFO’s but………the carnival beaded wristlets are done and are looking oh so gorgeous!!!!!! The finger I attempted to felt into my flower is also healing nicely! 🙂

    Thanks for a fabulous cruise!!!

  • Donna

    Well, honestly, I’d rather be in Boston than here in Cleveland so if you’re going to be stranded somewhere, you’re in a good place! Hope you’re able to make it home soon and be reunited with family both furry and non-furry.

    Reply to Donna
  • Kristen

    Frankly, I’m a little jealous…..you’ve spoken so glowingly of the food at your second home! I am, however sorry that you can’t get there from here, at this time. Wanted to mention what a blast I had with you on the cruise, you’re a talented and wonderful woman (even with the pirate fetish). Hope your road home is safe and swift, just think of the socks that will be waiting 🙂

    P.S. Bacon and eggs were a big hit at home, along with the risky CD!

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