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March 13, 2008

My ABCs today: Alt Fiber, Breeders, comatose

Alt Fiber is now on pre-order! Click here to get it.

Kelley Deal of the Breeders is publishing a knitting book and they have a new album coming out — yay!

Comatose? That’s me after traveling home via train, getting unpacked, laundry’d, cleaning the house and catching up on all the terrible TV I missed while I was gone. My boyfriend says, just before they announced the winner of Project Runway: “Rami wins it.”

He reported my face fell and I looked like I was about to cry. Also, I’d spent the past half-hour complaining about how much I hate Rami’s stuff. Of course, he was just kidding, since Christian won. Or, as we call him: “Pocketiel.” (A portmanteau of “Pocket-sized” and “Cockatiel”).

The store next door is now stocking Brown Sheep. Pretty!

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  • Steph

    Oooh, lots of pretty yarn. I love lines with so many different colors. If I could find a store that stocked all the colors of Lamb’s Pride and Cascade 220, I’d be in absolute heaven.

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  • andi

    Yay! Breeders will be at the house of blues on June 3rd! w00t!

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  • kristi

    Well, I totally wanna hang out and knit with Kelley Deal! The Breeders play here 4/28.

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  • debbie

    dang, you really ended up on the train? No way to get on a plane? and did you get a sleeper? poor kid! sucks totally! at least you’re home. glad about that.

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