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September 2, 2008

Squeal. Squeal. Squeal.

Have you seen what’s coming out in November? Oh mama. The spinning book of all spinning books. I cannot wait!

What a week. Can I just say that spending multiple days in the sun scraping and painting one’s garage is decidedly not what I consider a holiday weekend? At least this weekend will be fun, I’m teaching a dye workshop at Stitch Cleveland and dyeing some other things for an upcoming magazine article. Also, I need to pull out my sketchbook, I had some really vivid dreams about color and Russian-inspired motifs last night, plus parrots (I blame the Frida Kahlo portrait-with-parrots on my fridge for that one).

Funnier still, we were doing a crochet photoshoot at this Russian-but-not-really dacha. It looked like a cross between proper Russian architecture and overwrought Victorian, it was so odd. Also, most of the colors resembled the paint chips I was considering for the wood chairs on our deck. So, if you ever wonder where my design ideas come from, “in a dream” sounds funny but is a bit true!

If you consider my dreams some sort of color oracle, we had blue green (a muted one, similar to the Martha Stewart paint color Blue Hosta), bright yellow with a tinge of green to it, cream, blueish but bright lipstick red and some really deep reddish purple in there. Note this for future reference in case the palette shows up in one of my designs… Maybe I got the Russian thing stuck in my head when Tamas declared one of my new test hat designs to be “really Soviet looking”? Sigh.

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  • sue

    OOOOOooooo, and i will have my wheel by then!!! 🙂

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