September 5, 2008

Craft meets science

Not since June Oshiro’s DNA scarf have I seen such a fantastic mesh of art and science, barring, of course, the various amazing knitted brains, dissected rats, etc. Genome quilts! Artist Beverly St. Clair has developed a pictographic means of encoding genetic information in quilt designs.

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  • pandorasslave

    That’s just so cool! It blends my first degree of Biology with my happy hobby of knitting, and just looks awesome too!

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  • Catherine

    Hey Shannon,
    really interesting..especially so in that the “hepatitis c” quilt was really “ugly/scary” (I mean that in the kindest, artistic sense, of course)
    I wonder if genes for arthritis translate gnarly, genes for kindess-beautiful, etc..
    thanks for pointing it out,
    Oh yea, wanted to tell you, the pawpaw are insanely loaded this year!

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