August 14, 2006

SpinToKnit.com is up!

Check it out! The long-awaited book website is live. You may feel free to giggle at that photo of me in the studio…good thing Anezka’s so photogenic, eh?

From left to right across the top title portion of the page: sheep out for a jog at Hatchtown Farm, Catherine Goodwin spinning on a Spindolyn supported spindle, which she invented, my hands skeining yarn from Kirsten Hirsch of Baa Baa Yarn and Pippi Knee Socks‘ socks (try saying that 5x fast) from the book.

Speaking of whom, if you want a peek at the Pippi pages of the book, check out the Look Inside page. Remember almost exactly one year ago when I posted a preview of the socks? Now you can knit them for yourself!

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  • loribird

    Looks wonderful! congratulations!

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  • pippi

    even tho passe
    *austin powers voice*

    YEAH baby!

    i lover the lay out and colors to bits!

    Reply to pippi

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