November 20, 2007

So. Much. Going. On.

That’s the news here from Knitgrrl HQ. My latest book came out yesterday (AlterNation, written with my dear friend Xan — she’s in the Netherlands doing costumes for various dance troupes right now, so I had to jump up and down alone at the full-page ad the publisher took out in Adorn magazine).

One of our NaKniSweMo comrades has fallen in the line of duty and broken her arm. Get better soon, Kristy!

I dyed over 40 skeins of yarn this weekend and have more waiting, except the latter ones are going in another book and won’t be for sale. Dyeing with plant-based dyes is fun, but a heck of a lot more work than the acid dyes I usually use. Good thing my boyfriend doesn’t pay much attention to anything in the kitchen other than the coffeemaker, or else he’d wonder what the chunky red roots soaking in the blender are (madder).

Speaking of which, I just told him to leave it alone when I go to the shop. “Well, I’m not going to drink it,” says he. And then we got into a conversation about all the other things he wasn’t going to do to it in my absence, among them pee in the container.

Me: “Well, you could if it was indigo, but it’s not.”
Him: (?)
Me: (explains use of urine in traditional indigo dyeing)
Him: Ewww. History is gross.

Tomorrow, I’ll get to see two of my friends for the first time since their wedding, which is an embarrassingly long time, come to think of it. And I can egg her on to get more wheels. (Once you start, you can’t stop).

Then it’s the holiday, and trying desperately to get my knitting done on time… oh yes, this is going to be a fun week. Happy knitting and turkey to all!

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