March 9, 2009

Preview of Maize

Say hello to Maize!

aka Corn Goddess, aka Tonantzin, aka many other names that got discarded. I also debated calling it Furrow, but there was already something on Ravelry by that name. It’s feeling very cornfieldy to me at the moment.

(Oh sure, laugh at the Viking helmet on the dining room table. Tamas has a luchador mask on the mantelpiece, though you’d probably expect that from the co-creator of El Gorgo!)

I had planned to reknit Stella Maris yet again — the colors chosen for the first reknit were deemed a little too weird by some shop owners and customers — so I headed to my LYS to scope the new Malabrigo shipment. I ended up with this color (Frank Ochre), despite having planned to reknit Stella in Velvet Grapes. Once I took it home, she more or less sprung from the needles. Whoops. New pattern. It wanted to be what it wanted to be. Who am I to argue with Malabrigo?

Stella Maris and her little buddy Noemi have been thorning my side for a while now. I have some ideas — I mean, for heaven’s sake, they’re sitting here in pieces just waiting for me — but right now they are in timeout. So’s Ulrike, who is finished except for the fact I need to reknit about 4 inches of the [expletive deleted] hood plus find just the right buttons. Timeout! Timeout I say! Ditto writing up Cili, though that won’t be nearly as hard. At the moment, Maize just wants to be number one on my needles.

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  • Polly

    THis is gorgeous; hurry up and finish it!

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  • cedarstrings

    very definitely maize … and the lovely yarn and stitchwork definitely convey the sacredness of the grain and the earth from which she grows. I am eager for the appearance of the pattern!

    Reply to cedarstrings
  • Aimee

    I will make it, and it will be mine – and I will be the Mother of Corn! Seriously, I love your patterns so much.

    Reply to Aimee
  • jonquil

    shouldn’t argue with a Corn Goddess!! 🙂

    Reply to jonquil

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