March 12, 2009

Maize gets inspected

Yes, Maize is speeding along, like driving by cornfields in Kansas — which by the way I will soon get to see, as we’re doing a private Felt School in Harveyville in June. Not sure if there are any spaces available, but you’re interested, email Nikol or me.

Next preview shot, semi-blurry because I am very, very caffeinated, the Nikon D70 is horrible in low light and the Canon is not charged:

Turn my back for one moment and Giles appoints himself Maize Inspector:

Bird TV (aka watching the mourning doves who nest on our porch each year) is almost back on the air, and Giles has discovered that sparrows really, really like the bush that can be seen from the window over our sink. Between yarn stealing, bird watching and chasing the teensy new mouse toy Grandma brought them, the boys have been busy. Anezka, as ever, is underimpressed. Dachshunds don’t think yarn is fun.

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  • jonquil

    if giles approves, maize must be a most excellent pattern! during the warm spring when the leaves are blowing in the new, an occasional metallic crash lets the house know that jasmine has just charged the door in her excitement to snag one of the flitting shadows under the porch door.

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  • Elinor

    That’s such a stunning color! Definitely like fresh sweet corn! You should stop by Lawrence on your way to Felt School this year! That would be fun!

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