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July 13, 2007

Now subscribe-able via iTunes!

Not yarn, alas, but my show. Check the iTunes podcast directory under hobbies or click this button:

Add to iTunes

Here’s a photo of the Indian yarn and stitch markers I was talking about on the show with Franklin today… which, by the way, was supercrazyfun. I can’t wait to see portraits of all those knitters in a gallery somewhere.

(Joy tracked the stitch markers down for me — yay!)

For Franklin’s show, the knitters should knit their own portrait frames, methinks.

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  • Ivy

    How did you get iTunes to play nice and put you in the directory? I’ve been trying to get my podcast in there for over a week. I’m definitely subscribing to yours. 🙂

  • Post authorShannon

    No idea, Ivy! I just submitted it and pow! there it was a day later. Maybe the ones marked ‘clean’ make it in faster?

    Reply to Shannon

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