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July 16, 2007

Angry. So angry. (Plus, Stitch Cleveland on TV tomorrow!)

Ravelry got a blurb on Tech Crunch (via Amy). Now, the blurb was a little bit condescending, a smidge smartalecky, but I have no real problem with the blurb. What I do have a problem with = obnoxious male commenters who think knitting is not nearly as cool as their BOY STUFF. But it’s cool, the women have it covered. Zumagirl said, for example:

Smart business people will do a little research on the myriad of online communities before assuming that any one group is not tech-savvy enough to be worth catering to.

Yeah. Stick that in your techie startup pipes and smoke it, pals. Don’t make me send the Yarn Harlot over there with stats about knitting, knitbloggers and the power of the almighty knit-dollar.

In happier news: a producer from the local morning show (That’s Life, with Robin Swoboda) called this morning and so we’ll be demo’ing nuno felt and talking about the Stitch Cleveland launch party this weekend tomorrow. For you Clevelanders, that’s FOX 8 at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

My mother has already yelled at me about my hair.
Keep your fingers and blow dryers crossed, willya?

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  • Amy

    Someone must youtube this!!!

  • kristi

    Exactly! And good luck with the hair! Home perm? Dredlocks? I don’t think anything radical is happening in the next 3 hours though 🙂 But isn’t the formation of dredlocks sort of like felting your hair? This is, perhaps, worth exploring. Hand felt/spun hair.

    Rock star.

    Reply to kristi
  • frecklegirl jess

    I read those comments with exactly the same reaction… had to get up from the computer to stop myself from writing a nasty note on there.

    Still gets my blood boiling.

    Reply to frecklegirl jess
  • kim

    You know, most of the comments that are along the lines of “There’s a lot of knit blogs you know, here’s some data to prove it” are coming from men who I assume are not knitters.

  • Ceallach

    I love Zuma, she has a good head on her shoulders.

    Some people just are incapable of removing their heads, collective or not, from their arses, collective or not.

    Reply to Ceallach
  • zumagirl74

    Thanks Ceallach. You know, a ton of knit-bloggers were representing in that thread. That’ll teach the tech-boys to pick on us! =P

    Reply to zumagirl74

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