April 1, 2010

No pranks over here…

Yes, it’s the first day of April, but I’ve got my hands full — no pranks or hoaxes over here! Among the projects on my plate are finishing up some books for my publishing business, taxes (ugh…my sainted accountant has his hands full with me), doing a new design for a yarn company whose products I really like, teaching (Designer 101 is overflowingly full! it’s so fun to work with everyone!), trying to stay on top of the housework, writing 2 big articles and that’s all just on top of the usual. So please forgive me if things are a bit quiet on the blog right now!

If you haven’t already, become a member of the Knitgrrl Ning network — that’s where I’m teaching and so it’s the place to be if you want to see what’s going on class-wise.

Back to work!

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  • MJ

    I joined in Knitgrrl network because I’m a sucker and I sign up for things. Hahahah!

    Congratulations on your success in your class! That’s awesome!

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