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May 5, 2003

Long car ride = knit

Today I’m going to Cape Cod with my boss for some work-related activity, and I plan to work on the Zimmermann baby surprise jacket on the way. It’s a pity I have to do the driving myself when I go to Cleveland later in the week (11 hours each way) — imagine how much work I could get done then!

In spinning news: I bought some amazing Corriedale fiber from Mind’s Eye and plan to do a hat similar to Frances’ green merino for myself. I took some pictures of processing the avocado-based dye this weekend and if that all works out, I think I will dye the Corriedale with avocado, meaning it’ll be some sort of pink or purplish shade. I promise to post the pictures sooner rather than later, but major league spring housecleaning intervened this weekend (took all the furniture out and cleaned the carpet, etc).

A belated happy May Day to you all! My dachshund danced around my niddy-noddy and pretended it was a maypole. Ok, I just completely fabricated that story, but wouldn’t it be an amusing photo?

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