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April 24, 2003

Gothic Martha Stewart and Hats

Lots of questions on hats lately, from Kay and Leslie in particular.

The embroidered snowflakes I made up myself using a big tapestry needle and the same gauge of worsted I used for the hat. Also, Martha Stewart had some decent patterns for embroidered snowflakes in one of this winter’s issues…

The actual pattern work I do on the hats themselves (non-embroidered) is usually just some purl to make it stand out from the stockinette… with the basketweave, I do 5 sts of one, then the other and continue for 5 rows, then reverse it… etc. On the hat with the snowflake, I did some full lines of purl to set off the middle section where the flakes would go. The pale grey rim of the hat is nothing but a few ridges of garter.

I just checked to see if Martha had the snowflake patterns online. Doesn’t look like it, but there’s a Needlework 101 section and a reprint of the knitting article she had in the magazine this winter. (You, too, could own MS ebony knitting needles, and circulars. Good heavens. The woman never quits, does she? Black knitting needles — how Goth. How GOTHIC MARTHA STEWART!)

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