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August 14, 2003

Knitting on Cape Cod

…in August? Oh yes. The sweater is in full swing, it’s a top-down and I just got to the underarm area, so now the cable-ing fun will begin, and last: sleeves. Cascade Eco wool is a dream to knit, and I’ve been amazed at how big the skeins are. The entire top portion of the sweater only took one.

I spent most of last weekend in Maine, knitting on my aunt’s couch, watching bad TV with my mom, who was in town. We went to an art opening (amusing photos to follow, or see my main weblog for more). I knitted on the way to a family wedding. I knitted with houseguests all over the place. I knitted in the garden. I would not stop… and for some reason, I was like this last August, too. August seems to be Compulsive Knitting Month for me.

Right now I am in Wellfleet, MA, down in the salt marshes in a lovely cottage. Still knitting. The sea lavender is out, the salt air is being breathed in and all is right with the world. No yarn stores found yet, will report back if things change, but there are a ton of dachshunds running amok and a very cool little shop called The Emperor’s Old Clothes. They’re primarily a wholesale business, but they sell used and new kimonos and Japanese textiles. I need to poke my head in when they’re actually open.

Meanwhile, I bought horseshoe crab and Wellfleet oyster charms for my charm bracelet. Do any of you have one? A charm bracelet, that is… mine was started for me by my grandmother, Fern, and when she died, we connected hers to mine. I love my charm bracelet. Very big, jangly, and full of cool charms. I think I am going to pay more attention to finding new stuff for it. I need a spinning wheel charm, and some knitting stuff. Well, Rhinebeck’s coming up… I can probably find something there.

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