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September 14, 2002

Knitting calendars

Look! It’s the Knitter’s Review Year in Yarn calendar.

Looks nice, though a bit on the girly-girl side. I think perhaps I will issue my own downloadable month-by month punk rock knitting calendar instead. And so I am putting out a call for photos. Got a good knitting picture? Is your local Stitch-n-Bitch willing to pose for a photo? Want to show off a stack of things you’ve made? Have a flock of sheep you can pose in amusing ways (tiara on head, perhaps?), or the Largest Knitting Stash ever? Send them in…and I’ll start working on a calendar layout. Also, send in significant dates and perhaps we’ll include those, too…even if they’re just ideas for funny holidays.

Oh my God, I Forgot to Purl that Row Day
My Blocking Pins Have Gone Missing Day
Wool is Not Itchy Day


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