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August 26, 2008

Knitted haramaki?

As crazy as it sounds, I think the time has come to design some cute haramaki for handknitters. Will they be as popular as a shrug? Maybe not. But useful? Oh yes. I’d wear one under a cardigan when it’s really cold out — would you?

Barring that, I want the plant, matrioshka and octopus family ones from that site…they’d be really cute under a croppy t-shirt.

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  • erin

    I had never heard of haramaki before, but I just looked it up and…yes! I would totally love to knit one (it’s cold where I live…always cold). I’m not a very advanced knitter (not really even intermediate), but a haramaki doesn’t look like it has to be too hard…

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  • Jan

    I had never heard of the either but after following the link, I think they sound interesting. I’m all for your suggestion.

  • Lisa

    I wanted to make some (ok, a) knitted haramaki last winter, but I was scared of the small gauge I’d want it to be at. No fear this year, though– my perpetual chill stands no chance against a belly warmer! Mine will likely be plain, but I can’t wait to see yours!

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  • Amy

    So cute! I just might have to make one…

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