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August 26, 2008

Hat City: population 2

(That’d be me & Franklin, who seems to be in a similar hat-boat to me these days)

You think I am kidding? Here are five variations of the current pattern in progress. There is another one on the needles. I am debating between “best hat wins” and the other, more complex possibility that is “aww, put most of ’em in, people can pick which one they like best.” The more-work variant is the current fave.

Yes, I know you can’t see all the details, that’s by design for the moment. Suffice to say it is felty, and it is addictive and I am branching out into different yarns to see what it’ll do, not to mention creating a cocktail hat variant. COCKTAIL HAT. Seriously. I’ve lost it. Who even wears cocktail hats these days? But I can’t help myself.

Also, speaking of Franklin, his translation of cat-speak is probably the most accurate one I have ever read. Here’s a snippet:

Hi! Whatcha doing? Are you drawing? Is that drawing? Let me see. Cool. Is that a sheep? Are you drawing sheep again? Move over so I can see. I like your pencil. You know what’s fun? When we draw something together. Here, I’ll help you. Hey! You know what else is fun? Drawing cats. You should draw cats. I’ll be your model. Here. Draw this. Look. Look. Look at me. Look at me! Lookatme lookatme lookatme! Hey!

My boys, however, rely more strongly on the “meowl loudly, then show Mommy your butt” method of communication. Giles, who I suspect has Siamese blood, is a loud and frequent talker. Spike relies more on nonverbal communication such as hey look I am sitting on your hand this means you cannot type and must come give me tuna now right right right? and [walks away with yarn ball, doesn’t say a word].

Here is Spike, enjoying some felt.

And Giles, “helping” at a photoshoot:

Things that are awesome: The Pratchgan. If you haven’t read any Terry Pratchett, deary me, what are you waiting for? I’m particularly fond of the book he did with Neil Gaiman called Good Omens.

With that, it’s back to writing some stuff that’s due and doing crazy things like knitting cocktail hats. I think I’m gonna send that one to Bubbo. She’s the only person alive who could possibly rock a cocktail hat in the way this one will require.

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