November 22, 2005

knit.1 review of Knitgrrl!

I sent a package off to Interweave yesterday with the projects for my third book. Judging by the box’s weight (16 pounds), and the projects’ average yarns, I used a spinner’s yards-per-pound calculation to determine there is almost 4 miles of yarn in the box!

It’s a large weight off your shoulders, sending out 4 miles of yarn in one fell swoop! And on top of that, I got the first sales figures for Knitgrrl…it’s selling well, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy 10 copies to use as stocking stuffers this year.

(Shameless, I know!)

So. On to the news…Knitgrrl just received its first magazine review, in knit.1! (Which, by the way, now has its own blog. One of their first posts is something I’d intended to write about, the Cast-Off all-knitted wedding. How cool is that?)

The fall/winter knit.1 “men’s issue” has some very cool patterns (the red/black corset was particularly fun), and their review of Knitgrrl was very sweet (thank you!):

Yay, Heather! They loved your text-messaging mitten pattern! (Hey, who wouldn’t?)

In other review news, congrats to Kristi Porter, whose Knitting for Dogs was reviewed in the latest Vogue Knitting!

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