August 23, 2006

J. Knits yarn review

Oh, yum.

There, that’s the 2-word review. But to go into a little more detail… J. Knits is a Massachusetts-based hand-dyed yarn company that produces 11 different varieties of yarn in 400 possible color/yarn combos. Their kettle dyeing process creates unique individual skeins that will brighten up any pattern.

For sock knitters, there’s Superwash Me (in the photo, you’ll see the Light Sock and DK weights in pale pink and purple). The DK weight is super-cushy and springy, perfect for the kind of comfy socks you’d like to wear around the house, while the Light Sock would be amazing worked in complex lace or stitch patterns. It would also make a killer Charlotte’s Web-style shawl.

Softee Alpaca would also be excellent for shawls, it’s got a very gentle hand. You’ll see it at right above. And for felters / people who like to knit bulky, there’s Felter’s Dream. I began swatching some of the blue color at front — it holds stitch definition really well and can be knit on many different needle sizes, depending on the effect you’re going for and what you’re making.

I’ve had this yarn for a while — my lack of time has been killing me. You all know the feeling: there’s this gorgeous yarn staring you down from wherever it is you keep the stash, and you can’t make each day 30 hours, so there it sits, chiding you…well, finally I broke down. I had to swatch.

Spinners note, they also sell lovely merino roving in all their colorways!

Owner Julie — the J in J. Knits — blogs here. If you’re looking for new sock yarn… heck, any kind of yarn… check out J. Knits’ beautiful choices. (That Felter’s Dream is calling to me, I think it wants to be a hat).

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  • Liz

    Thanks for the yarn review, I have never heard of them… their stuff is beautiful! Did you buy direct from their website?

  • Your SP

    Oh, my lord. Superwash wool sockyarn with nylon. Drool.

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