March 18, 2007

I'm a little choked up right now

A friend and former coworker of mine is a Top 100 reviewer on Amazon — he is also probably the bane of our public library system’s existence, given that he’s generally got dozens upon dozens of books on order at any given time. He reviews his [expletive deleted] off, my friends.
Like any proud book-mama in this digital age, I occasionally peek in on my “children” at Amazon (and any author who claims not to is flat-out lying), only to find that he’s written a review of Spin to Knit. A really, really touching one, for that matter.
And now I’m all verklempt. Of course, that may be 2+ days worth of Irish food mauling my stomach, it’s hard to tell.

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  • Meg C

    Dear Shannon,
    Isn’t it WONDERFUL when the people around you value what you do? I am delighted for you that your friend not only read your book but posted a review on Amazon. That’s a really loving and supportive thing to do.
    I emailed you a while back to say that a spur your book Spin to Knit was for me – actually *inspired* me to play in my fibers, which was somehow soothing and thrilling at the same time. I’ve started to do a lot more spindling recently, too, thanks to the inspiring people in your book. Do you have a favorite spindle? I’d love to hear about it – I’m sure we all would.
    When I answered the poll question on the spintoknit.com site, I was glad to see that I’m in with about 1/5 of spinners, and we spin daily. After years of wishing I could spin more, I decided to take advice from a trainer I met. She said she tells people to start exercising for 10 minutes a day – just 10 – but in very short order they turn that into 20 minutes a day. It just happens. So I started to spin for 10 minutes every night before bed, and didn’t the same thing happen to me! Before I knew it I was putting in 20 mins every single night, and it wasn’t any effort from there to make it 30 mins a day. Now I sit to spin right after dinner every night (dessert avoidance, and it works), and I find I can fill about 3/4 of a bobbin – that’s a skein every other day, depending on the weight of yarn I’m spinning!
    With that habit now pretty well routinized, and all the joyful inspiration from your book, I suddenly feel like I’m producing a LOT of very interesting yarn. I’m not sure anyone else would agree, but I’m quite pleased.
    (hint, hint: the world could use more spinning books….)
    All best, Meg

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  • Felicia

    Yep, gotta love those folks who order dozens of books at a time.

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  • rebecca

    yes, definitely an awesome review! i had my local bookstore order this for me last week :D…..
    grrrrrr, hurry up already, mr. postman!!!!! i can’t wait to read it. i just finished spinning for softness and speed. pretty good, but i am having a heck of a time with the one-hand method.

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