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June 30, 2008

How to Knit in the Woods updates

Several of you have asked about the red scarf the model is wearing on page 39 of How to Knit in the Woods. Here’s my editor’s reply:

The pattern is from the Tricoter book of knits for men (Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men, I think). I knitted the scarf from Karabella Boise (3 balls), on 5s, I think. I probably cast on about 52 stitches (I only did two cables instead of the 4 shown in the pattern). Here’s the same pattern from KnitPicks, on HUGE yarn!

In other How to Knit in the Woods updates, the long-awaited Snake in the Woods charts have gone live on the Knitgrrl errata page and will be up soon on the publisher’s website as well. Or just click here for the PDF! It’s 3.68 MB, alas — I couldn’t get it any smaller without endangering the text. My apologies to those of you who were waiting (although I know for a fact one lucky reader’s mom is having one knit for her! hurrah!). Andi and I had to push Knit Visualizer to its very limits, so there is a little bit of funky notation. If it doesn’t make sense for some reason, please let us know!

For the record, my ultra-handsome father wearing Snake in the Woods:

and a little bit closer up:

I remain deeply sad that neither of these photos made it into the book, while one of his hand clutching a tree branch wearing the sweater did. I mean, come on. He’s got a pirate-y earring and a beard like a garden gnome? What’s not to love? (Plus, he wore a heavy wool sweater for a 90-degree photoshoot in August. Brilliant papa).

So, Stephanie (StevieLynn on Ravelry, blogging at Confessions of an Obsessive Knitter) has been making good use of her HTKITW. As a matter of fact, she is knitting-then-felting the Carver’s Harbor Blanket instead of using old sweaters. Super-hardcore! Check it out:

She has also been knitting some amazing variations on the Ell Pond Nalgene Cozy in the book, like this one. And as she lists in her Ravelry profile, when she is not knitting, she’s backpacking the Appalachian Trail, so I think she’s the perfect pattern tester for a book of woodsy stuff, eh?

Where’s Carver’s Harbor, you ask? Here are some photos on Flickr. It’s on Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine where we spent last Labor Day weekend. In fact, our room at the Tidewater overlooked the harbor directly. My mom is heading to Vinalhaven this week and I am wildly jealous. There was a storefront space available downtown that just screamed “move here and open a knitting store.” And as for Ell Pond, that’s in Wells, Maine, right down the road from my aunt’s. Knowing them, they’re probably swimming there right now. No fair.

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  • Natalia

    I can’t wait to get this book, although I cannot believe the pictures of your dad did not make the cut! How is that even possible?

    Reply to Natalia
  • Suzane

    And . . . now there is a knitting store on Vinalhaven with yard from sheep on the island, knitting supplies, hooked rugs, classes on lots of hand crafts and more – Angie Olson’s Island Home, 50 Main Street!

    Reply to Suzane

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