December 5, 2007

Free patterns by me, for you

There are only so many pages available in a book — have you ever noticed how most craft books are 96 or 128 pages? (it has to do with signatures and being divisible by 8, see here if you’re really interested in how it all works).

This time, running out of space works to your benefit. The publisher posted two patterns I did for Sharon Turner’s new book Find Your Style, and Knit it Too online. You can see the hat and legwarmers above.

Now, here’s the thing about legwarmers. I can’t imagine wearing them, given that I was alive in the 1980s and would have horrible Flashdance flashbacks. But before I sent them off for photography, I was wearing them as extra-long arm warmer/gauntlets. They’re ribby and just big enough to slip over whatever shirt you’re already wearing for extra warmth. I might pick out the top bindoff and just make them into sweater sleeves!

These are knit in SWTC Karaoke (50% soy fiber, 50% wool), color #277 Durango. It’s one of my favorite SWTC yarns, super-versatile and feltable, not to mention available in some really cool self-striping colors.

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  • Jennifer

    Ooh, goody for us! I actually need a legwarmer pattern – I promised my daughter I’d make her some for ballet, and these are the nicest I’ve seen so far! Thank you!!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Amy

    Oooh, cute pattern! Thanks for sharing!

  • Natalia

    Great hat and sleeves. Yes, I too cannot fathom wearing leg warmers, it makes me shudder at the adolescent 80’s memories. So, sleeves it is!

    Reply to Natalia
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  • Jo

    How can I get the pattern for the hat & leg warmers?

  • Post authorShannon

    Click through on the book title, Jo.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Jo

    When I click on the book title I am in Amazon.com!

  • Post authorShannon

    That’s actually a page on Wiley’s website (the publisher), not Amazon. Look down on the page where it says “Grunge patterns” and click either the link that says HTTP or the link that says FTP to load the PDF file on your computer.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Jo

    Thanks I am going to try this.

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