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October 3, 2005

Fleece Artist / Toronto trip

Meet my new Fleece Artist merino top, all 150 grams of it. I couldn’t wait, I spun it the second I woke up this morning. It already knows what it wants to be, too.

Thanks to everyone who came to Lettuce Knit after the run yesterday — I had fun consuming massive amounts of sugar and caffeine with you — let’s hope your book inscriptions make sense the day after!

Megan & co sold quite a few Erica Weiner yarn kits to shoppers wanting to make a Stripey Scarf just like mine in the book. (Pink remains the hands-down favorite, not sure if that’s because of the book, because it’s such a nice color combo or because girls + pink = happy).

My first plant fibers class at the Holden Arboretum on Saturday went well — my students were very eager to play with the allo, kenaf, soy, ingeo, hemp and pineapple ramie yarns I brought along, and we digressed, as knitters usually do, into discussions of other knit-related topics. Felting, the latest books, wool allergies, you name it. (Thanks for coming, everyone!)

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  • Lee Ann

    Man, you’re a living, breathing advertisement for why to shop in Toronto…lucky you!

    (They don’t sell roving in Montréal. I aim to change that…even if I have to do some embarrassing begging and pleading…)

    And good job with raising all that money! Go, Team! Knit Cure!

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