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September 29, 2005

First Amazon review!

I’ve been waiting for this…Sharilyn Miller, author of Bead on a Wire, wrote a really lovely review on Amazon yesterday:

Great fun for girls and young women learning to knit!!!

I love this book!

You know that knitting has become the hip and happenin’ pastime when teens pick it up, and so they have, with great enthusiasm. Shannon Okey takes a playful approach with Knitgrrl, her introductory text geared for young women.

She starts by posing a question: Why knit? Her answers are thought-provoking; soon, you’ll be perusing succeeding chapters on yarn types, reading a yarn label, choosing colors, all about knitting needles and tools, how to read a pattern, holding your needles and yarn, casting on, knitting, purling, and much more. Great close-up photos make it easy to learn!

I give thumbs-up to the 15 projects: fresh, trendy, and fun, each one teaches different techniques, making this a terrific introductory book for beginning knitters of all ages.

I’m feeling a little verklempt! Wow. Thank you, Sharilyn. How am I going to fit my head through the door when I make dinner later? While we’re at it, one of the girls from our teen knitting party wrote something so sweet about it.

Things like this make it all the deadline stress and knitting and writing and organizing and overall craziness worthwhile…

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    Hey! Congrats!

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