December 16, 2008

Cool dyeing technique

Tara at Blonde Chicken Boutique posted the coolest link to Twitter just now: Experimental Recycled Sleeve Dyeing with Food Dyes. Love this! love the end results.

Also on the knitting tip — I bought the greatest hat from Cosy this weekend. I will have to get a shot of me wearing it, it is brilliant! And watching her spin with the spindle all weekend made me bring my knitting to the second day of the show, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

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  • Deb Georgitis

    Do you have any words of advice on dyeing wool with red amaranth? I’ve tried it and although the solution readily gives up its color, the wool doesn’t take it–comes out dull- greenish. I think it probably needs a mordent but I don’t know which one. Any suggestions?

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