December 16, 2008

Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland: the aftermath

So apart from some truly strange cop-on-bingo-player violence in the parking lot Saturday night (or, as I phrased it then: “come for the crafts! stay for the police brutality!”, and some car towing because we were so popular and so packed that people started parking places they shouldn’t have…….. the show went really well. Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, let me show you it:

And this was first thing Sunday morning! (Forgot my compact flash card Saturday). You can only see half the vendors in this.

My friend and AlterNation co-author Xan is also a stiltdancer. Little kids flock to her like candy when she’s up in the air.

When’s the last craft show you’ve done that not only has awesome homemade food, but tableside food delivery for vendors? My summer ’08 ArtWorks apprentice Joelle (at left) masterminded the high school volunteers from her National Honor Society group. They were so awesome you would never believe just how awesome they were.

It’s a wonder I can walk or speak after being on the floor three straight days for 8+ hours each (2 show days plus one setup, and lots of announcements-sans-microphone…good thing I am loud).

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  • Lori Paximadis

    Looks like a great time! So sorry I missed it (again). That weekend always seems to blow up on me. But my friend went for the first time and said it was great — lot of cool stuff.

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  • melissaknits

    That stilt waking thing is pretty cool! I am forever saying I am going to make it to Boston for this. My trendy hip sister in law told me about it. I am such a country mouse!

    Reply to melissaknits
  • cici

    it looks like so much fun!

    Reply to cici
  • Don

    I would LOVE that orange, brown, yellow skein.

  • Valerie

    I was an absolute blast–and despite some parking fun (Sorry, we laughed every time we heard you have to make that announcement) it seems like everything turned out quite successfully.

    Reply to Valerie

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